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How to create a cloze test?

A cloze test is perfect for testing your learners' understanding of context and vocabulary.  It is basically a quiz with two questions types - fill in the blanks and multiple choices.


Let's take an example of the famous proverb "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" and how you can turn this into a cloze test. View an example of a cloze test.


Step 1. Create a new quiz and choose a multiple choice question type. 




Step 2. Add your content to the question box replacing the words with an underscore as shown -  All ___  and no ____ makes Jack a ____ boy.  Now add the first series of multiple answer choices - work (correct answer), play (incorrect answer). 


We recommend that you bold the blank space that user is supposed to answer. This way, the quiz taker has a smoother experience while taking the test.




Step 3. Now select a new multiple choice question type and add the same content in the question box with the second series of multiple answer choices - work (incorrect answer), play (correct answer)



Step 4. Repeat the above steps to create the last question. Add the same content and the third series of multiple answer choices - dull (correct answer), bright (incorrect answer)


View this test