How to Preview a Quiz Question


ProProfs Quiz Maker lets you preview a quiz question across different screen types to analyze the readability and other aspects.


By previewing a quiz question:


  • You can check how it will appear to your quiz takers.

  • You can edit the length of your questions depending on the requirements.


Below is what the question preview will look like in the quiz editor:


Quiz Question Preview in the Editor


How to Preview a Quiz Question


Step 1: Add a new question using the “Add Question” button in the quiz editor.


Add Question


Step 2: Add the answer options to your question.


Step 3: Click on the dropdown arrow next to the “Preview” button.


Preview Quiz Question


Step 4: Select “Question Preview.” A screen will open showing how the question will appear to your quiz takers.


Question Preview


Below is the question preview. You can also switch between the screen sizes.


Preview in different screen sizes


You can select an answer option in the preview and click “Next” to review it.


Preview the answer to your question


Final preview


That is all about the quiz question preview in the ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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