How to Set up a Learning Path


A learning path is a collection of quizzes that learners can take to assess their understanding of a particular topic. The quizzes can have different levels of difficulty, and you can allow learners to attempt them in a defined order or any order they prefer. You can also add new quizzes to the learning path to provide more comprehensive learning opportunities.


Assigning a learning path is as easy as it gets:


Assign learning parth with quizzes in it to a learner


Here's what a learning path related to a topic, "Marketing Training," will look like when you have assigned it to your learners:

Preview learning path in the online clsssroom


Benefits of setting up a learning path for learners:


  • Clear roadmap: The learning path guides learners step-by-step, ensuring they cover key material.
  • Tailored learning: Quizzes adapt to individual progress, letting learners focus on what they need.
  • Boosts memory: Personalized quizzes reinforce knowledge, leading to better retention.


To Set up a Learning Path:


1. Go to More > Learning Path on your dashboard.


Go to Learning Path in the More dropdown.


2. Click “Create your first learning path” to begin.


Click the Create button to create your learning path


3. In the overlay

  • Add the path name
  • Provide a brief description
  • Upload a cover image
  • Once done, click Add Quizzes to proceed.


Add name, description and cover image


4. Select the quizzes to add to the learning path. Click Done to proceed.


Select quizzes to add to your learning path


Note: You must have at least two quizzes to create a learning path.


5. After adding, you will return to the Preview overlay. Here, you can drag and drop quizzes, add more, or remove them. Next, you can select the order in which you want the learners to attempt the quizzes.

Once done, click Save.

Configure the ordering of the quizzes, select the sequence


Note: The ordered quizzes will have numbers assigned to them in the classroom to inform learners about the sequence.


Here’s what the newly created learning path will look like in your account:


Learning Path added to your account


To assign a learning path to learners:


1. Go to Classroom in the top navigation bar.

Go to Classroom


2. You can assign a learning path to learners, just like you assign individual quizzes.


Click here to learn more.


Assign the learning path to learners


Note: You can assign learning paths to a group of users as well.


The newly assigned learning path will appear on the home screen when the learner logs into the classroom. 


Assigned Learning Path in the Classroom


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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