How to Assign a Quiz to Learners via Classroom


ProProfs Quiz Maker allows you to assign quizzes to users in a classroom via multiple methods. With its user-friendly interface, the quiz instructor can create engaging and interactive quizzes tailored to assess the quiz takers.


By assigning quizzes in Classroom, the instructors can enhance quiz takers’ engagement, track progress, and facilitate personalized learning, all while simplifying the quiz assessment process.


Assigning quizzes in a Classroom is helpful when the number of quiz takers is in bulk or the quiz is to be attempted by specific quiz takers, thus saving time and effort for the quiz instructor.


In this article, you will learn:


  1. Assigning Quizzes to a Group in a Classroom

  2. Assigning Quizzes in a Classroom via Email Sharing Option

  3. Assigning Quizzes to Individual Users in a Classroom


How to Assign a Quiz to a Group in a Classroom


Step 1: In your Quiz Maker dashboard, go to Classroom.




NOTE:  Before assigning a quiz in Classroom, you must first add users to “Classroom” and then to “Groups.”


Step 2: Navigate to the classroom in which you want to assign the quiz and click “Groups.”


classroom groups


Step 3: Switch to the “Quizzes” tab and click “+Quizzes.”


add quizzes


Step 4:  Search for the quiz to be assigned, select it, and click "Save." 


assign quiz


Here’s how the added quiz will be listed in the ProProfs Quiz Maker Classroom:


quiz added


How to Assign Quizzes in a Classroom via Email Sharing Option


Step 1: In your ProProfs Quiz maker dashboard, search for the quiz to be assigned in the classroom and click the share button.


share quiz


Step 2: In the Email tab, click “Add Users,” select the group in which you wish to assign the quiz, and click “Done.” After selecting the group, click “Send” to assign the course via email.


quiz sharing via email


The group users of the respective classroom will receive an email with the assigned quiz.


How to Assign Quizzes to Individual Users in a Classroom


Step 1: Navigate to the classroom and click “Users.”


click users


Step 2:  Open the user profile by clicking on the user name.


user name


Step 3: Select a quiz from the list and click “Save.” Also, you can use the search bar to find the quiz. 


select _quiz_and_save_


Here’s how the added quiz appears in the user profile:


quiz added in user profile


That is all about assigning quizzes in ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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