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How to Assign an Admin to a Learner Group


If managing multiple learner groups has become a massive crunch on your time and effort, then assigning group admins can help you effectively manage learners.


Group admins can perform many tasks on your behalfs like adding new learners to the group, viewing and sharing reports, sending reminders to learners and much more.


For example: In a large company, team leads can be made group admins for their team so they can ensure everyone in the team took the quiz. You can assign permissions like Read-only, ability to add/remove users, etc. to a group admin as and when needed. 


Here's a preview of a user's administrative screen:


Follow these steps to assign admins to a group:


Step 1: Navigate to "Users" -----> "Groups" -----> "Group Admins" and click "+Admin."




Step 2: Select the user(s) to add as group admin(s) and click "Save" to secure the changes.



Step 3:  To grant permissions to an admin click the 'Manage Permissions' icon. 



Step 4: Select permissions to grant, and click "Save" to implement the changes.




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