How to Embed a Classroom on a Website


Welcome to our guide on embedding a ProProfs Classroom on your website using ProProfs Quiz Maker. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to effortlessly add a classroom to your site, allowing learners to take quizzes directly on your page. Follow along for step-by-step instructions.


Before we proceed, here’s what an embedded classroom will look like on a webpage. Learners can log in using the credentials to access the quizzes you assign to them.



A few benefits of embedding a classroom on a website are:


  • Assign multiple quizzes to learners at once and generate comprehensive reports for quick and effortless performance analysis
  • Make your website more attractive and professional
  • Enhance user engagement
  • Boost lead generation, conversions, and sales


To embed a classroom on a website:


Step 1: Go to “Classroom” on your quiz maker dashboard.


Go to Classroom in your Quiz Maker account


Step 2: Click the three vertical dots or the kebab menu icon and select “Send” from the list.


Click Send in the list


Step 3: In the Share dialog, switch to the “Embed” option. Select an available dimension or enter a custom width and height in pixels. Once done, copy the code. 


Note: The embed code changes based on your selection.


Go to Embed and copy the code


Step 4: Go to the webpage where you want to embed the code, paste it in the <body> tag, and preview the site. You will see the classroom login screen, as shown below.


Embedded classroom website



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