Introduction to the Quiz Editor


ProProfs Quiz Maker offers a user-friendly quiz editor that makes it easy to edit your scored quizzes. As part of ProProfs’ comprehensive online quiz-making software, this tool has helped create over 100,000 quizzes and served more than 50 million quiz takers.


But that’s not all - ProProfs Quiz Maker also lets you create engaging personality quizzes. You can enhance your quizzes with images and videos and personalize them with custom colors, logos, and over 100 settings.


With a quiz editor, you can:



Here's a preview of the quiz editor:


Quiz Editor Preview


Let's guide you through the quiz editor in ProProfs Quiz Maker:


On your dashboard, create a new quiz or open an existing one to edit. This will take you to the editor.


Opening the quiz editor by accessing an existing quiz or creating a brand new


Note: Click "Copy" to copy the quiz and create a similar quiz template.


Quiz Editor Overview


The quiz editor allows you multiple editing options listed below:


  • Add different question types.

  • Change question presentation.

  • Drag and drop to reorder the questions.

  • Edit the quiz title, image, and description.

  • Add notes, documents & presentations.

  • Add videos & images.

  • Bulk import questions.


QUiz Editor Functionalities


You can use the above functionalities to easily create engaging quizzes tailored to your requirements.


Modifying Results


The ProProfs Quiz Maker editor offers quick access to three templates. You can select one of these options and set conditions for different results. For example, you could choose the "Pass or Fail" template from the drop-down menu and click the gear icon to set the minimum passing mark to 70%.




To further modify the results section, simply click Customize.


Using Popular Settings


In the quiz editor, you can access general settings related to your quiz. This includes customizing the scoring and order of questions, as well as choosing how you want to present questions to quiz takers.


Popular Settings


For even more control over your quiz settings, click All Settings to access every available option.


Popular Themes


Customizing the appearance of your quiz is easy with ProProfs Quiz Maker. Simply choose a theme from our library to quickly change the look of your quiz.


Popular Themes


If you want even more control over your quiz’s appearance, you can click Customize your theme to modify individual elements.


Editing the Question


Adding or editing questions in the ProProfs Quiz Maker editor is incredibly easy. Simply click on the question field and start typing to add or edit a question. The same goes for answer options - just click and type to add or edit them.


Editing the question


If you want to use a similar question type again in your quiz, it’s easy to duplicate it. Simply click the three vertical dots (also known as the kebab menu icon) and select Duplicate. This will create a copy of the question that you can then edit as needed.


Adding Media


The ProProfs Quiz Maker editor lets you easily add media to your quiz questions and answer options. You can create a more dynamic and interactive quiz experience for your users by including images, videos, and other media.



Alternatively, you can embed media in your question or answer. Simply click in the question or answer text editor and click on the ‘<>’ button. Then paste the code for the media you want to embed and click OK.


Embed media in quiz question or answer


Learn more about adding images or /videos to a quiz here.


Using Advanced Settings


A few advanced settings are available in the ProProfs Quiz Maker editor to further modify your quiz.


These settings include:

  • Adding feedback for quiz takers.
  • Adding tags to group questions.
  • Using branching to control question flow.
  • Enabling/disabling "Grading."
  • Making questions mandatory. 
  • Providing "Image Only Answer." Note: You have to enable Media in the footer for this option.
  • Enabling comments for quiz takers.
  • Display answer options in Multiple Choice, Checkbox, or in a Dropdown form. Note: This will only be available for multiple-choice questions.
  • Display answer options in a horizontal or vertical format.
  • Delete a question.


Advanced Settings in the Editor


That is all about the quiz editor for a scored quiz.



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