Introduction to the Quiz Editor


Here's a preview of the quiz editor:



From your dashboard click "Edit" to open editor for any quiz.  


Click "Copy" to copy the quiz and make a template for creating similar quizzes.


The editor allows you to view all questions on a scroll. You can simply drag and drop to reorder the questions, or click the title space to edit quiz title, image and description. 



The tools section of the editor offers multiple question types, and options to add note, document & powerpoint, video & image, or to bulk import questions. You can use these simple tools to create uniquely distinguished quizzes.   



The "Popular Settings" section allows you to customize the scoring and order of the questions. You can also select a theme for your quiz from "Popular Themes."



Click the "Edit" to edit any question and options set. You can also copy the question, drag the question, or preview the question.



The question editor allows you to edit question and option text, add images to questions and options, and embed media. Click the 'code' button from toolbar to insert source code in question.



You can add feedback for quiz takers, add tags, mark questions compulsory, and uncheck the "Grading" option to mark questions 'do not grade' Under the advanced section of edit question.




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