How to Add a Subscript/Superscript to Questions


ProProfs Quiz Maker offers a subscript/superscript option to format text in a smaller size, either below or above the normal text line. 


This is useful in quizzes containing questions and answers with mathematical or scientific formulas, where certain text or numbers must be presented as subscripts or superscripts for clarity and accuracy.


NOTE: This option is unavailable only when the math editor in the toolbar is enabled from the advanced settings.


Here’s how your quiz questions and answers appear with superscripts/superscripts:


question with supererscript-subscript


Benefits of adding Subscripts/Superscripts to questions:


  • Superscripts are useful in writing mathematical equations, trademark symbols, footnote and endnote numbers, etc

  • Subscripts can be used in writing chemical formulae.

  • Allows you to create quizzes with technical or specialized content that is both visually appealing and easy to understand.


To Add Subscripts/Superscripts to Your Questions


Step 1: Enter the question statement/answer option.


question field in quiz editor


Step 2: Select the character and click the subscript/ superscript button.


toolbar in quiz editor


The selected character will appear as a subscript/superscript.


question text formatted with superscript


That is all about adding subscripts or superscripts to questions.



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