How to Bulk-Import Questions From Excel


With ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can prepare questions anytime, anywhere, without the need to remain online. Create questions on an Excel sheet and bulk-upload it using the ProProfs Import feature.

This feature supports “Offline Authoring” so that even those without a ProProfs account/Internet can create questions for you. ProProfs also supports importing questions from an existing ProProfs quiz.


In the Excel sheet, apart from adding questions and answers along with question types, you can also:


  • Assign marks or points for each question

  • Assign topics or categories to questions


Below is an overview of a sample Excel file with proper formatting to let you import questions for your quiz in bulk:


Sample questions in the Excel Sheet


You can download the sample file as mentioned in this FAQ. Once done, the added questions will show up as regular questions:


Sample questions in the Quiz Editor


Follow these steps to upload questions using an Excel sheet:


Step 1: In the quiz editor,


  • Go to New Question > Import Questions

  • Select “From a Microsoft Excel File” and click Next.


Importing questions in bulk from an Excel Sheet


Step 2: Click Upload to import questions from your Excel sheet.


Uploading an excel sheet to import questions in bulk


Note: To make it easy, download the Sample Excel file, and replace the dummy questions, answer options, and other details with actual data.


Here’s what the sample will look like:


Sample Excel Sheet with Questions


After you finish uploading, you will see the following:


Bulk Upload Complete


That’s all you need to do. From here, you can edit the questions imported directly into the quiz editor if required.



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