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How to bulk import questions from an Excel document to your quiz?

With ProProfs Quiz Maker you can prepare questions anytime, anywhere without the need to remain online. Simply create questions on an Excel document and bulk upload them using ProProfs Import feature.


This feature supports ‘Offline Authoring’, so that even those without a ProProfs account can create questions for you. ProProfs also supports importing questions from an existing ProProfs quiz.


Advanced Tip* While bulk uploading questions from the Excel sheet you can:

  • Assign marks or points to quiz questions
  • Assign topics or category to quiz questions


Follow the simple steps mentioned below to upload questions from an Excel sheet.


Step 1. On the quiz creation page click 'Import Questions' as shown below.



Step 2. A window appears as shown below. Select 'From a Microsoft Excel File' and click 'Next'.



Step 3. Click 'Upload' in the next window to import questions from your Excel document.



Step 4. Download the Sample Excel file, and make sure that the Excel file contains the following: Quiz Type, Question Text & Answer Options. 

You can also add the Correct Answer, Topics, and Question Points to the quiz directly from the Excel sheet. Please select the Question Type and correct option from the drop-down menu provided in the excel sheet.