How to Find & Use Ready-Made Questions


Writing quiz questions can be time-consuming and complex, even for experienced writers. ProProfs's "Suggest Me Questions" feature gives you instant access to millions of public questions from our question bank. Plus, with 100,000+ existing templates in our Quiz Library, creating quizzes on the fly is easy.


Before we get started, here's a video overview for creating quizzes using question banks.



Skipped the video? No problem, learn it step-by-step.


For example, if you’re creating a quiz on sales, you can get results by searching for keywords in the "Add Question" panel.


Search questions in our public library using specific keywords


Using ready-to-use yet customizable questions becomes helpful:


  • When you’re creating your first quiz

  • When you’re running short on time, or

  • When you’re looking for ideas for your quiz


There are two ways in which you can find ready-to-use questions:


  1. Search for questions using the "Suggest Me" function

  2. Use an existing quiz template


 Using “Suggest Me”


Step 1: Navigate to Add Question in the editor.


Click Add Question


Step 2: Search the keyword to find questions about your quiz topic.


Navigate to the search bar


The following screenshot shows results for the keyword “sales.”


Type the keyword and hit enter


Note: You can switch between “ProProfs Library” and “My Quizzes” when searching for readymade questions. The My Quizzes folder carries all the quizzes you’ve previously made using ProProfs.


Search on public library or your existing quizzes


Step 3: Check the questions you want to include in your quiz and click “Use These Questions” to finish adding.


Select questions to use in your quiz


 Using a Quiz Template


Step 1: Click the dropdown arrow next to the “Create a Quiz” button and select “Create Using Templates.


Click Create a quiz using template


Step 2: Choose a quiz template from our library. Hover the cursor and click Use This Template.


Bonus Tip: Feel free to preview a template to scan for questions and the look and feel.


Pick a template to use


The quiz template opens in editing mode on your dashboard. Customize as you like and share with quiz takers.



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