How to Find & Use Ready-Made Questions



Writing quiz questions can sometimes be hard even for skilled writers. ProProfs offers a solution to this through our "Suggest Me Questions" feature, which provides you instant & relevant questions from our question bank of millions of public questions. You can create quizzes at the spur of the moment by making use of 100,000 of existing templates available in ProProfs Quiz Library


There are two ways in which you can find ready-to-use questions:

  1. Search for questions using the "Suggest Me" function
  2. Use an existing quiz template


Let's look at how you can find quiz questions using the "Suggest Me" feature.


Step 1. On the "Manage Questions" page, type your query in the search box. 


Step 2. Check the boxes to select the desired questions and click on "Add Questions" to add them to your quiz. 


Let's look at how you can find quiz questions using an existing template.


Step 1: Select type of quiz( scored or personality) from the Create A Quiz page.


Step 2: Type relevant keywords related to the topic you want to find questions in the search box and click "Search."


Step 3: Select a quiz from the listing of related quizzes that show up, and click "Use this quiz" to add the questions to your quiz.


Step 4:  Clicking the "Use this quiz" button will add the selected quiz to your dashboard, and the screen will redirect to the quiz editor where you can rename the quiz, add a description, and edit the questions. When you are done editing the quiz, click "Done" to save the changes.



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