How to Set up Branching in a Quiz


Branching in quizzes offers you a way to personalize every quiz taker's experience. It lets you decide which question appears next based on an answer given for the previous question.


Note that this feature applies only to the Multiple-ChoiceTrue/False, and Drop-Down question types.


Let's take the following question as an example:


Q. Which is the most effective marketing channel for your business?

A. Social media

B. Email


D. Print


If the quiz taker answers 'A', they can be sent to a follow-up question related to Social Media. If the answer is 'B', the next question could be related to Email, and so on.


Another example that explains Branching closely:


Q. Which of these is a more direct and personalized form of communication with a customer?


A. Chat

B. Email


The right answer to the above question would be 'A', and if the quiz-taker select 'A', you can choose to submit the quiz. However, if the quiz taker answers 'B', the next question could further narrow down the difference between the two platforms by highlighting specific benefits that only Chat has, such as 'reduction in tickets'. This provides an opportunity for the quiz taker to select the correct answer and improve their score.


The intent here is to see if the quiz taker continues to give incorrect answers till the quiz ends and scores poorly, or if they eventually get it right and score decently.


The two answers lead the quiz taker to different paths, and that's what Branching is all about.


Steps to Set up Branching in a Quiz:


Step 1: Hover the mouse over a question and click on Edit Question.



Step 2: Click on Advanced to expand more settings. Locate Branching and enable it. This will display the available branching options against each answer, as shown in the screenshot below.



Step 3: Select the question that you want to send quiz takers to, from the available questions in the drop-down. Select 'Submit Quiz' at a point you want to finish the quiz. 





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