How to Create a Dropdown Question


The Dropdown question type provides multiple answer options in a list that drop-opens when clicked. Unlike a typical multiple-choice question, a Dropdown question keeps the answers hidden in an expandable list, occupying less screen space.


ProProfs Quiz Maker lets you create dropdown questions that require quiz takers to select the correct answer option from a drop-down list.


Here’s what a question with answer options in a dropdown menu looks like.

Clicking the dropdown arrow reveals the answer options.


Dropdown question preview


Benefits of adding a drop-down list in a question:


  • Answer options in the dropdown list get displayed only when clicked, thus occupying less screen space

  • Makes the quiz interface clean and clutter-free

  • Easy to read answer options and submit responses


How to Add a Dropdown Question to Your Quiz


Step 1: Click “+Add Question” in your ProProfs quiz editor.


add question to quiz


Step 2: Select “Dropdown” from the question type selection overlay and click “Add.


Select Dropdown question type to add


Step 3: Enter the question statement and the answer options.


add question and answer options


Step 4: Click “Advanced” to add the “Feedback” and “Tags.” You can further enable Branching,” “Grading,” and make the question mandatory (Required Question) for your quiz takers.  


advanced question settings


Step 5: Click “Save” to apply the changes.


Alternate method


You can turn any regular multiple-choice question into a dropdown question. Here's how:


Step 1: Pick “Multiple Choice” in the Select a Question Type dialog.


Select Multiple-Choice question type to add


Step 2: Enter the question and answer options.


Add your mutiple-choice question and its answer options


Step 3: Locate “Multiple Choice” and click the arrow to expand the menu. Choose Dropdown.


Select Dropdown as the Multiple Choice option


While taking the quiz, learners will see the answer options in a dropdown list.


Answer options in a dropdown list


That is all about adding a dropdown question to your quiz.



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