How to Create a Dropdown Question


The Dropdown question type provides multiple answers in a list that drop-opens when clicked. Unlike a typical multiple-choice question, a Dropdown question keeps the answers hidden in an expandable list. Thereby, it occupies less space on a screen.


For example, take a look at a Dropdown question below:


Dropdown question


Clicking on the Select an option dropdown unfolds all the available answers, as shown in the screenshot below:


Dropdown options


Below is an example of how you can answer a dropdown question in a quiz:




Here's how you can create a Dropdown question:


Step 1: Either create a new quiz or open an existing quiz for editing and click Dropdown under the Questions section.


Add a dropdown question in a quiz


Step 2: This is how the editing screen of a dropdown question looks like:


Edit a dropdown quiz question


  1. Edit the question.
  2. Enter the answer options. To add more answers, click + Add New Option.
  3. Under the Advanced section, add Feedback that you'd like to give to your quiz takers once they have answered the question. You can also add tags to your question to sort them out that only you can see.
  4. You can further enable Branching, Grading, and make the question mandatory (Required question) for your quiz takers. Also, add an image to your Dropdown question if you want to and save.




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