How to Add Feedback to Answers


In ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can provide feedback to learners after they answer a question. You can display additional feedback for correct and incorrect answering or the same input to all learners. You can also add comments for each answer option.


Here’s an example of a question that displays feedback for each answer option:



By providing feedback, you can ensure learners understand the topic better and minimize errors in the future.


How to Add Feedback to Answers


Step 1: Create a new quiz or open an existing quiz.


Open a quiz or create a new quiz


Step 2: Add a question if you’re creating a new quiz. For an existing quiz, go to a question in the quiz editor.


Add a new question or edit an existing question in the quiz editor


Step 3: Expand the Advanced menu and click the gear icon next to “Feedback.


Go to Feedback in the Advanced menu


Step 4: Select the type of feedback from the drop-down. You can choose from the following:


Select the feedback type from the list


1. Common Feedback: You can concisely explain the whole question, as shown in the image below.


Common feedback for the question


2. Feedback for correct and incorrect answers: You can add comments for the correct and incorrect answers separately. Only the feedback associated with the chosen option will appear, as shown below.


When the answer is correct:


Enable feedback when the answer is correct


When the answer is incorrect:


Enable feedback when the answer is incorrect


3. Feedback for each option: You can choose this option to coach learners about every answer, irrespective of the option they pick.


Add feedback for each option


Note: The feedback, if enabled, will show up only after a quiz taker submits the quiz. However, in the practice mode, the learners can see feedback after each question, whether they get it right or wrong.


That is all about adding feedback to quiz answers.



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