How to Add Instructor Feedback in the Quiz Reports


ProProfs Quiz Maker allows instructors to add feedback to quiz reports. It can be general feedback or improvement suggestions based on learners’ performance.


Also, instructors can provide feedback on the whole quiz or specific questions based on their liking. The input could be in text or an audio/video format to help learners understand the point.


Here’s what instructor feedback would look like to learners:


instructor feedback preview


Upon clicking View Feedback, learners can find the feedback, as shown below:


Audio Feedback on Reports


By providing feedback, instructors can:


  • Help learners identify the gaps in their performance and how they can fill them.

  • Encourage learners to keep up the performance level in case of a good score.


In this article, you'll learn:


1. How to Add Instructor Feedback to Quiz Reports

2. How to Add Instructor Feedback to Individual Quiz Questions


To Add Instructor Feedback to Quiz Reports


Step 1: Go to the Quiz Report section of your desired quiz on your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard.


Go to Quiz Report


Step 2: Click the View Report icon to access the quiz report.


Open Report


Step 3: Go to the Instructor’s Feedback section on the report page. You will have the following options in the box:

  1. Add text feedback

  2. Record audio/video feedback

  3. Notify the learner about the feedback you add as soon as you post.


Instructor Feedback section


The text feedback will look like this:


Sample Text Feedback


The audio feedback will look like this:


Sample Audio Feedback


The video feedback will look like this:


Sample Video Feedback


Step 4: Click Post to add the feedback. Check the Notify Learner box to update the learner via email.


Alternatively, the instructor can also add feedback directly from the Reports tab. To do so, click the "Add Feedback" icon and enter the feedback. 


add feedback directly from the reports tab


To Add Instructor Feedback to Individual Quiz Questions


Similar to adding general feedback or suggestions, instructors can add input to individual questions.


To do so:


  1. Hover your mouse over a question on which you want to provide feedback.

  2. Click the pencil icon, as shown in the screenshot below.


Provide Feedback to an Individual Question


  1. The feedback box opens. You can add text or click respective icons to record audio/video feedback.


Add feedback for Individual questions


The text feedback would look like this:

Sample Text Feedback


The Record Audio feature is in the feedback section. Click Start Recording to add your voice note.


Record Audio Feedback


The recorded video feedback is shown below. You can submit or retake it as required.


Record Video Feedback


When you notify learners, they will receive an email, as shown below. They can click View Feedback to check the note.


Feedback notification for learner


Here’s how the feedback will look to them:


Audio Feedback Sample


That is all about adding instructor feedback to Quiz Reports.



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