How to Grade Essay Questions


ProProfs Quiz Maker allows automatic grading of different question types, such as multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, matching, etc. However, essay questions are manually graded by the instructor after evaluating the answer provided by the quiz taker. 


In this case, the steps are:


1. The instructor views students’ answers online.

2. The instructor grades the solution online and assigns it a score.

3. They mark the grading as complete after grading all the answers.

4. The essay points are added, and the student’s final score is updated.

5. Instructors can send the student an updated report /certificate by clicking “Email Report to Student.” The updated report can also be downloaded.


Since the score is updated after adding essay grades, the instructor can also prevent students from seeing the interim (pre-grading) score


This is what a quiz report will look like before and after grading essays.


1. Before grading-

Quiz Result before grading the essay


2. After grading-

Quiz Result after grading the essay


Benefits of manual grading, i.e., grading essay questions: 


  • Personalized feedback: Manual grading allows instructors to provide customized feedback on essay questions, helping learners to improve their understanding of the subject. 
  • Flexibility: Manual grading allows instructors to assign scores based on their grading criteria, allowing for a more nuanced evaluation of learners’ responses. 
  • Accuracy: Manual grading can be more accurate than automatic grading for certain types of questions, such as essays, where the answer may not be straightforward.


This article covers the following:


1. How to Grade Essay Questions

2. How to Configure the Release Report Setting


 Grading Essay Questions


Step 1: Open a quiz report from the dashboard.


Navigate to Quiz Report


Step 2: Click the “View” icon under the Reports column to open the “User Score Report.”


Open the User Score Report


Step 3: Go to “Grade Essays” to review essay answers and assign a score.


Click Grade Essays


Step 4: Assign points, add feedback, and click Post & Next. You can also choose to notify the learner about the input. 


Grade the essay, provide a feedback, and update the score


Step 5:  A preview of the updated score will appear. You can email the updated report to students.


Updated score preview and email to student option available after grading the esaay


Note: You can proceed to the report of another user and grade essays without exiting the page.


When you click Email Report to Student, the dialog box will open. You can choose your preferred option and add a custom message to go with it. 


Email the updated report to student


Here’s what the updated result will look like after grading is complete.


Final Report Preview after essay grading is done


 Configuring Release Report Setting


You may only want quiz takers to see the report once you manually grade the essay or add bonus points. ProProfs Quiz Maker makes it easy to configure the release report. 


1. Go to a quiz setting 

2. Navigate to Advanced and locate Release Report.

3. Choose the “Manually, after essays are graded” option from the dropdown. You can also add a custom message to show at the end of the quiz in place of an interim score.


Configure Release Report setting


4. Save your changes, and you’re done.



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