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How to Grade Essay Questions


Most quiz question types are automatically graded by our quiz software such as multiple choice questions. Some question types such as essay questions have to be manually graded by the instructor. The steps in this case are: 

  1. Instructor views students answers online
  2. Instructor grades the answer online and assigns it a score
  3. Grading is marked complete after grading all answers
  4. The final score of the student is updated, and essay points are added
  5. Instructors can send updated report /certificate to the student by clicking Email button. The updated report can also be downloaded.

Since the score is updated after essay grades are added, the instructor can also prevent students from seeing the interim score (pre-grading score). 


Here's how you can hide the interim scores from the students:


Navigate to "Settings" -----> "Advanced" and select "After essays are graded manually" for 'Report Availability.' 


Follow these steps to grade essay questions:


Step 1: Navigate to "Reports."

Step 2: Click the 'view' icon to see answers to each question.


Step 3: Click "Grade Essays" to review essay answers and assign a score.

Step 4. Assign points to essay answers. Click "Save & Next" to secure the changes. 


Step 5. A preview of the updated score will appear. You can email the updated report to students.

Step 6: When the Grading is complete, you will see the updated report of the student. 



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