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How to grade essay questions?

Most quiz question types are automatically graded by our quiz software such as multiple choice questions. Some question types such as essay questions have to be manually graded by the instructor. The steps in this case are: 

  1. Instructor views students answers online
  2. Instructor grades the answer online and assigns it a score
  3. Instructor marks the “Grading as complete” after grading all answers of the student
  4. The final score of the student is updated and essay points are added
  5. Instructor can send updated report /certificate to the student by clicking Email button. The updated report can also be downloaded.


Advanced Tip:
Since the score is updated after essay grades are added, the instructor can also prevent student from seeing the interim score (pre grading score). After instrcutor grading is complete, students can also view their updated scores in their online classroom or can be emailed the updated reports as well. 


Step 1: Go to you quiz dashboard and click on "Reports & Attempts".

Step 2: Click "view" to see answers to each question by a quiz taker.




Step 3: Each score report has information on the quiz, such as the name of the quiz taker, email address, score, IP address and result, as you can see below.



Step 4(a). You can manually assign points to essay type questions by clicking on Grade.




Step 4(b). Grade the students answer to the essay question and click on Save.


Step 5: Mark "Grading Complete" to Yes. This would show updated report in online classroom and indicates you have completed grading all essay questions for that report. 


Step 6. To send the updated report to learners click on email. You can also send it as an attachment by downloading the report.

Advanced Tip: Hide Interim Score


Students' score can change after essay questions are graded. To prevent students from seeing their interim score, go to quiz settings and under "Advanced tab" for "Report Availability", select "After essays are graded manually". This ensures that your students are shown the report only after you mark "Grading Complete" as done in Step 5 above.  
This option is found under Edit Settings > Advanced > Report Availability >  "After essays are graded manually". 


You can also add a custom message informing students that they will receive the final report once the essay questions are graded.