How to Award Extra Credits or Bonus Points to Your Learners


ProPorfs Quiz Maker allows instructors to award their learners with bonus points/extra credits to motivate them. The instructor can add these bonus points to the learner's actual score as an extra credit score to improve the overall score.


Here's how the score looks after adding the Bonus Points to learner's score:


score after adding bonus points


And here's the score before adding the Bonus points:


score before adding bonus points



To Award Bonus Points to Learners


Step 1: Go to your Quiz Maker dashboard and open the reports for a quiz, as shown below.


report icon in quiz dashboard


Alternatively, you can go to quiz settings and click “Reports.”




Step 2: Locate the quiz taker to whom you wish to assign the bonus points and click the “User report” icon.


view reports in quiz icon


Step 3:  Click “Bonus points” under the quiz taker’s score.


bonus points link


Step 4: Select the points you wish to award from the drop-down menu and click Submit


add bonus points and submiit


You’ll get a confirmation on successful score updation.


quiz score update message


Step 5: Refresh the page to see the updated score in the Reports Summary.


updated score after adding bonus points


That is all about awarding bonus points to learners in ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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