How to Show Quiz Scores Based on Tags in Learner Reports


With ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can show topic-based results to learners, which helps them identify the areas where they are showing progress and where they need to work harder.


 Please note that to show topics-based results to learners, you must first create questions based on topics. Learn how  

Here's how the topic-based report will appear to your learners:



Follow these steps to show scoring based on topics in learners' reports: 


Step 1. You have to tag the questions according to topics to show topic-based results.


Step 2. After adding tags to your questions, navigate to "Settings" -----> "General." Under the 'Order' section select "Shuffle Questions" for 'Order of Questions' and choose "Select by tags" for 'Number of Questions,' then set up the number of questions according to the tags you have used. 




Step 3.  When you have set up the order of questions navigate to the "Quiz Report" section and enable "Customize quiz report at the end," then enable "Show result by tags." Save the settings to implement the changes.



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