How to Change Quiz Date & Time Settings


You can adjust the date and time settings of your quiz to disallow attempts after a certain date. This will makes the quiz available to your learners only on certain dates and during certain hours. However, this is different from setting a time limit to your quiz, which is a tool to prevent cheating by imposing a time limit that is enough to finish the quiz but not enough to find answers by other means. To learn more, read how to prevent cheating on your quiz.


How to change quiz date and time settings:


Step 1: On your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard, go to Settings >> Advanced. There, you'll find the following options:


1. Quiz Availability - Set a start date and an expiry date for a quiz, after which the quiz will expire.

2. Lock Quiz After an Attempt - Enabling this feature will restrict the quiz taker from reattempting the quiz for the time period you specify.





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