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How do I make my quiz available only within certain IP ranges?

With ProProfs, there are a number of security measures to protect your quizzes. Using these security measures you can control who can access your quizzes and also prevent cheating in online tests.


One of the effective ways to keep your quiz secure is by setting IP range based security. This helps you to ensure that only those learners can access your quiz who are connected to the Internet under certain IP ranges.


Note* You can set one or multiple IP ranges for a quiz.


The image below shows you the message that will be displayed when learners try to access your quiz from an IP address other than the one you have set for it.



Learn how you can enable IP based security for your quizzes by following the steps below:


Step 1. Click on "Edit Settings" of the quiz you want to set IP ranges for.



Step 2. Now under "Security and Tracking", check the box that says "Enable IP based security" and add the starting and ending IP ranges. Click on "Save" and you're done.