How to Make a Quiz Available Within a Certain IP Address Range


ProProfs Quiz Maker allows you to secure your quizzes by enabling IP-based security. You can set a permissible range of IP addresses from which the learners can take the quiz, thus restricting the quiz takers from unauthorized network IP accessing the quiz.


Here’s how the warning appears when quiz takers from an unauthorized IP address try to access the quiz:


warning message when quiz is taken from a unauthorized ip


Using a specific IP address range to access the quiz lets you:


  • Assess the quiz takers within an organization.

  • Limit unauthorized access to the quiz

  • Prevent cheating in quizzes and get genuine responses


How to Set the Specific IP Address Range to Access Your Quizzes


Step 1: In your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard, go to Settings.


quiz settings


Step 2: Navigate to the Advanced tab. In the Network Security option, enter the IP address range and click Save.


add ip range


NOTE: To add another IP address range, click “+Add Another” and click “Save.”


add mutiple ip range


Now only quiz takers from the specified IP address range(s) can access the quiz.


That is all about setting the specific IP range in ProProfs Quizzes.



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