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How do reminders & compliance feature work?

With ProProfs reminders & compliance feature, you can:


  • Set a date by which you want the quiz to be completed 
  • Ensure high quiz completion rates by automating reminders
  • Set a date by which quiz certification expires 
  • Ensure ongoing compliance by defining what happens when quiz certification expires


Set quiz completion due dates and automate reminders


Step 1. Go to quiz settings and specify a certain date or time by which learners must complete the quiz.



Step 2. Set the days before which learners will be sent automatic reminders of the quiz completion due date.



Set quiz certification expiry dates and automate reminders
Step 1. Specify a certain date or time, when the quiz certificate expires. 




Step 2. Move quizzes to pending so that learners will be sent automated reminders of certificate expiration.