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How to Customize and Brand a Quiz Certificate





How to customize and brand a quiz certificate


Let's have a look at how to customize a significant quiz certificate for your learners:


Step 1: Log in to your ProProfs Quiz Maker account and click “settings” under the desired quiz.


Step 2:  Under the "General settings" tab go to "completion certificate" section and turn the toggle button to “Yes”. You can also select specific percentage scores to enable the certificate for that percent and higher. Click "Edit" to customize the certificate.


Step 3(i): A pop-up window appears, select a template from the library. 


Step 3(ii): If you prefer to use your own template click "Upload" and select a template from your device storage. You can upload a custom template with your company logo and branding.  


Step 3(iii): You can use the ProProfs default certificate template and replace the ProProfs logo with your signature. Select the template and enter your name in the text box provided at the bottom. Click Preview to see how the signature appears on the certificate. 



Step 4: Click "Customize This Certificate" to proceed.



Step 5: The 'customize certificate' window opens up, drag and drop the placeholders to the appropriate place on the certificate. Placeholder attribute represents an input field such as name or ID. Placeholders are used to specify the location of input fields on the certificate. Along with the placeholders, you can also add "Custom Field Text" to the certificate, enter the text in the box provided and drag the custom field to the appropriate place on the certificate. You can add custom questions to show on the certificate. Adjust the Format (Font size, Font type, Font color, etc.) as per wish, and click "Save & Done" to secure the changes.  



Step 6: Click “Done” to complete the process.



Here's a preview of the customized certificate:




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