How to Customize and Brand a Quiz Certificate




How to Customize and Brand a Quiz Certificate


Let's have a look at how to customize a significant quiz certificate for your learners:


Step 1: On your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard, hover your mouse pointer over the desired quiz and click Settings.



Step 2: You'll arrive under the General tab. Scroll down to locate the option Completion Certificate and ensure that it is toggled to Yes. You can also set a minimum score which should be met by your quiz takers to earn the certificate, by clicking the Always dropdown list. To edit and customize the certificate, click Edit.



Step 3: You can customize the certificate by selecting from a variety of templates inside the Library. You can also choose to upload your own certificate and even search one on Google.



Step 3.1: To customize the certificate, choose a template and click Customize This Certificate.



Step 3.2: Each template has some particular fields already placed such as Name, Quiz Title, and Date, as shown in the screenshot below. All the available fields are available on the right side of the screen. You can customize a template by adding and removing the fields in the template. You can also add a custom text using the Text input box and place it at the desired location on the certificate. Once you're done customizing the certificate, click Save & Done.



Step 4: Click Done to finish the customization process.



Here's a preview of the customized certificate:




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