How to Award Custom, Branded Quiz Certificates to Your Learners


Award a quiz certificate to your learners to appreciate their performance. You can easily create a customized and branded quiz certificate with ProProfs Quiz Maker. Choose from various templates or upload your own. Set a minimum score for learners to earn the certificate. Choose the information to display on the certificates, including custom questions you may ask from quiz takers.


Follow these simple steps to create a certificate that reflects your brand and rewards your learners.


Check out this video to learn more about creating custom quiz certificates.



Missed the video? No problem. We’ll guide you through the process step-by-step.


Here’s an example of a custom quiz certificate.


Preview of a customized quiz certificate


Why should you customize and brand a quiz certificate?


  • Acknowledge and reward respondents for completing a quiz to a high standard.
  • Recognize the completion of annual compliance tests or product knowledge training.
  • Motivate students to excel.
  • Include fixed and dynamic data fields such as a student’s name, completion date, grade, the date the certificate expires, or a unique certificate number.
  • Design and upload your template to include your organization’s logo or signatures.

How to Customize and Brand a Quiz Certificate


Step 1: On your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard, hover your mouse pointer over the desired quiz and click Settings.


Open a quiz settings


Step 2: The General Settings will open by default. Please scroll down to locate the option Completion Certificate and ensure it is toggled to Yes. By clicking the Always dropdown list, you can set a minimum score that your quiz takers should meet to earn the certificate. 

To edit and customize the certificate, click Edit.


Enable Completion Certificate, set the criteria and click Edit.

Step 3: Customize your certificate by choosing from various templates in the Library or upload your own. You can even search for one on Google.


Replace the ProProfs logo with your signature on the default certificate or create a custom one.


Choose the certificate to customize


Step 3.1: To customize the certificate, choose a template or upload one. Then click Customize This Certificate.

Customize the certificate template

Step 3.2: Customize your certificate by dragging and dropping relevant fields to appropriate locations on your template. Add a field to display answers to custom questions from the lead form. Add custom text using the Text input box and place it where you want on the certificate. When you’re finished customizing, click Save & Done.


Customize the certificate with placeholders and custom text


Enable “Ask My Own Question” in the lead form to add custom questions. Go to Settings > Security > Tracking & Lead Capture > Toggle “Ask My Own Question” to Yes. Choose a question type to add.


Step 4: Click Done to finish the customization process.


Here’s a preview of the customized certificate:


Customized Certificate Preview



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