Does ProProfs Quiz Software Offer the White Label Feature?



ProProfs Quiz Maker offers you the white-label feature to share and embed  quizzes on your websites without the ProProfs branding.


You can customize and brand your quizzes with white labeling for a better user experience.



NOTE: The white label feature is available as an add-on package for any plan. In case of any difficulty related to the feature, contact our support team at


What Are the Benefits of the White Label Functionality?


  • Removal of the "Powered by ProProfs" label helps showcase your quiz as an authentic part of your website.

  • You can add custom themes to your quizzes to add your brand's logo, change the font, background theme, and more.


Here’s a look at a quiz without the ProProfs branding:


Quiz Preview with White Label Add-on


That is all about the White Label feature in ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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