How to Show All Questions on One Page


In ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can display all the questions on a single page in your quiz to give users a smooth navigation experience when taking the quiz.


This feature can be enabled from the general settings of the ProProfs Quiz editor.


Here’s how all questions in a quiz appear on a single page:


questions in one page


Displaying all questions on a single page can improve the user experience for quiz takers by allowing them to jump to any question and attempt the quiz in any order they prefer. This can lead to a more efficient and personalized experience for the user, as they can focus on the questions they feel most comfortable answering first and then revisit the others at their own pace. Overall, providing users with greater flexibility and control can enhance their engagement and satisfaction with the quiz-taking process.


To Display All the Questions on One Page


Step 1: Navigate to the quiz and click “Settings.”


quiz settings


Step 2: Under Presentation, set “Questions Per Page” as “All questions on one page.” Choose the question display type as “Modern” or “Classic” and click “Save.”


question per page settings


That is all about displaying all questions on one page of your ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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