How to Add Your Logo to a Quiz


You can add a logo to your quiz to showcase your brand. The theme settings in the quiz editor allow you to upload/change and customize (adjust position, height, and width) your logo.


Here’s how the logo will appear on your quiz cover page:


quiz with a customize logo



If you’re creating a quiz for hiring, training, or education, branding it with a logo assures the quiz takers of its authenticity. If you’re creating a marketing quiz for social media, adding your logo can improve brand awareness.


How to Add a Logo to Your Quiz


Step 1: In your dashboard, navigate to a quiz, and click “Settings.”


quiz settings


Step 2: Switch to the “Theme” tab and select a theme from the library. Click “Customize” under “Your selected theme.”


theme settings


NOTE: You don't get the customization option if you select the default theme.


Step 3: Click Logo > Browse to upload the logo image.


upload logo


Step 4: Customize the logo by adjusting the height, width, and position. Click “Save” to apply the changes.



 That is all about adding a logo to your quiz.



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