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How to Add a Theme to a Quiz




Step 1: For the desired quiz navigate to "Settings" -----> "Theme."


Step 2:  Select a theme from the custom themes. The chosen theme would be highlighted by a blue border. You can scroll down to look at all the custom provided themes.


Step 3: Once you have selected a theme, you can add your logo to the quiz.



Step 4: Navigate to the "Background" tab. To edit the background image, colors etc. click the “Change Background” button.


Step 5: (i) You can select a background image from the “library” or you can upload one yourself. 

(ii) You can also change or edit the colors for the background image from the “color” tab. Click “Done” to save the changes.


Step 6: (i) You can change or edit the Font colors from the “colors” tab, font type from the “Font Family” tab, font size from the “Font Size” tab and also edit button appearance from the “Button” tab.

(ii) When you are done customizing the theme, click the “Save & Exit” button, and you have successfully added a theme to your quiz.


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