How to Add a Theme to a Quiz


A theme not only gives an excellent visual appeal to your quiz but can also help in communicating the idea behind it.


ProProfs has an exciting collection of themes to add to your quizzes, and you can quickly access them under quiz settings.


Watch this quick video to learn how to add/customize a theme.



Or continue reading to learn it step-by-step.


Adding a quiz theme lets you:

  1. Give a distinct touch to your quizzes

  2. Propagate your idea seamlessly

  3. Match quizzes with your brand color-scheme


Here’s what a quiz with a theme will look like to the quiz takers:


Themed Quiz Preview


In this article, you'll learn:

Here's how you can add a theme to your quiz:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ >> ‘Theme’ of any quiz you want to customize from the dashboard.

Alternatively, you can open a quiz to edit and navigate to Settings >> Theme from the breadcrumbs or use the quick access link on the left panel in the quiz editor.


  • Scroll down to ‘Library,’ where you can find a collection of themes. Select a theme to customize it further. If you are already using the software, you can pick themes to edit from ‘My Themes.’ Else, you can directly click Customize at the beginning to make further edits to the default theme.


Themes for Quiz


Here's how you can add a logo to your quiz:

Step 1: Adding a logo is simple and easy. Just go to the Logo section and upload it from your system. You're done.
Add logo to a quiz

Here's how to change and customize the background image:

Step 1: Under the Background section, you get the following settings to change and customize.
Quiz background image

1. Clicking Change Background will take you to the following window.


You can upload an image from your system, use the ProProfs library to select a background image, or search Google for a wider variety of pictures if you want.


Furthermore, the Color section allows you to change the color of the background.

Click Done to apply the background image.


Select background for quiz


2. You can adjust the brightness of the background image.

3. You can customize the scaling of the background image to make it fit perfectly according to your screen. For example, you can align the image centrally, stretch it, fill it, put it as tiles, or make it fit according to the screen's proportions.


Here's how you can customize the colors of different text in your quiz:


Step 1: Under the Colors section, you get the freedom to individually change the colors of various text elements in your quiz to make it visually appealing.



Background color in quiz


Here's how you can select a font of your choice:


Step 1: Click Font Family and select a font that you want to use. The selected font is applied to the entire text in the quiz.


Font type in quiz


Here's how you can change the size of the font:


Step 1: Go to the Font Size section, where you can customize the text size of the following elements.


Font size for quiz text


Here's how you can customize all the different buttons in your quiz:


Step 1: Under the Buttons section, you can change the button color and the text color. Also, you can name every button differently.


Edit Buttons


 Here's how you can align the quiz title and cover image:


Step 1: Click to expand the Alignment option at the bottom of the left panel.


Step 2: Set the alignment for the quiz title and cover image from the dropdown menu.


Set alignment


After setting the alignment, you can preview it by clicking the Preview button.


When aligned left:


Left Alignment


When aligned center:


Center Alignment


When aligned right:


Right Alignment


Once you’re done customizing the theme, click ‘Save as new theme,’ give it a name, and it will appear under ‘My Themes.


Saving the new theme for a quiz


Note: If the same theme is applied to multiple quizzes, any changes to that particular theme will be reflected in every quiz. 


That is all about adding and customizing a theme for your quiz.



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