How to Brand and Customize a Quiz


The best way to brand your quiz is to embed the quiz on your site with your branding and colors. That way your quiz runs inside your existing website template that already carries your branding. To learn more, read our article on how to embed a quiz on your website. These quizzes carry no mention of ProProfs and your audience will not know you used our service.



If  you want to run the quiz on ProProfs, there are many customization and branding options:

  1. Customize your quiz appearance - Brand your quiz with custom themes. Add your own logo, and customize fonts, colors, and background images. 
  2. Brand your quiz certificate  - Award learners a test completion certificate using a ProProfs ready-made certificate template or design and upload your own.
  3. Brand your classroom - Create greater brand awareness and recognition among your learners by adding a custom logo to your classroom.
  4. Get white label - Ensure learners take the quiz on your website (under your brand) with no indication of the quiz being powered by ProProfs.




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