How to Change a Quiz to 'Draft' Mode


ProProfs Quiz Maker lets you change the status of your quizzes from published to draft. 


When your quiz is in draft mode, you can still make changes, but quiz takers won’t be able to view the changes made or take the quiz.


Here is how a quiz appears when it’s in draft mode:


quiz in draft mode


Changing a quiz status to draft mode lets you:


  • Make the quiz unavailable when all the participants have taken it.

  • Keep the quiz available for future use or reference.


To Change a Quiz Status to ‘Draft’


In your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard, navigate to a quiz and click “Draft.”


option to keep quiz in draft mode


The quiz status will change to draft mode and will appear with a draft label over the thumbnail in the dashboard.


quiz in draft mode


That is all about changing a quiz to draft mode.



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