How Does Scoring Work in a Personality Quiz?


In ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can give scores to quiz takers taking a personality quiz. Since a personality quiz has no definite right or wrong answers, the result type is a bit different.


The points are assigned based on the answer option selected by the quiz taker. Each answer option is associated with a personality (the result type) that gets points for its selection. In the end, the personality with the most points is shown to the Quiz Maker.


You can add scoring to your personality quiz in 3 simple steps:


  1. Create a personality quiz. (Read this article on how to create a personality quiz.)

  2. Add points to result types. 

  3. Save your quiz.

And you’re done!


What are the result types?

When users finish taking a personality test, they find certain "personalities" or "attributes" as result types at the end of the quiz.


Here’s what assigning scores in a personality quiz looks like:


assign score to a quiz


How to Assign Points to Answer Options


For reference, we’ll take Personality Quiz: Which Superhero Are You?


The result of the test can be one of the following popular superhero characters:


  • Batman

  • Superman

  • Spider-Man 

  • Iron Man


In the quiz editor,


Step 1: Click "Edit Question" after hovering the cursor over the question.



Step 2: Under Advanced, select On in the “Advanced Scoring” option.



Step 3:  Assign the points for each option.


assign points


Step 4: Likewise, assign the points for the options in other questions.


The personality (or group of personalities) with the most points would be selected as the final result. 


When your learners finish the personality test, the result shown to them will be based on the points they have scored, as shown in the image below:



That is all about adding scores to a personality quiz.



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