How Does Scoring Work in a Personality Quiz?


Unlike a scored quiz, a personality quiz has no definite set of right or wrong answers. Owing to this, the scoring in personality quizzes is different.


Instead of points being allocated to right or wrong answers, they are allocated based on the answer option selected. Each answer option is associated with a personality (also known as result type) that gets points on its selection. In the end, the personality with the most amount of points is shown to the quiz maker.


You can easily create a scored personality quiz with ProProfs in 3 easy steps:


  1. Create a personality quiz. Read this article on how to create a personality quiz?
  2. Add points to result types 
  3. Save your quiz, and you’re done!

What are result types?

When users finish taking a personality test, they find certain "personalities" or "attributes" as result types at the end of the quiz. For example, let's say you’ve created a fun personality test such as “Which superhero are you?”. The final results types of the test can be: 

  1. Batman
  2. Superman
  3. Spiderman 
  4. Ironman

How to add points to result types


While you’re creating a personality quiz, you can allocate points to each result type associated with a question, as shown in the image below:


The personality (or group of personalities) with the most points would then be selected as the final result. When your learners finally finish taking the personality test, they will be shown the result type based on the points they have earned as shown in the image below:


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