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How to create a quiz by copying questions from my existing quizzes?

With ProProfs you can save tons of time and effort by copying questions from your existing quizzes in just a few simple clicks. We offer you the flexibility to:

  1. Copy questions from quizzes you've created with ProProfs (steps mentioned below)
  2. Copy questions from public quizzes (over 100.000) available in ProProfs library
  3. Bulk import questions from an Excel sheet to merge questions from multiple quizzes you've made elsewhere

The steps below explain how you can copy questions from the quizzes you've created with ProProfs. You can copy questions from your existing quizzes in two different methods:

  • Copy your quiz directly from the dashboard.
  • Copy questions from your existing quizzes, while you're managing questions.


Let's look at both the methods in more detail. 
Option 1: Copy an entire quiz - you can use this to quickly copy all the questions of an existing quiz.  
Step 1. On your quiz dashboard, select the quiz you want to copy and the click on the "Copy" icon to create a duplicate of an existing quiz.


Step 2. Rename the quiz before copying it and you're done.


Option 2: Import / Copy some questions from a quiz - if you run out of ideas while creating a quiz, you can quickly copy questions from your existing quizzes.


Step 1. Click on "Import Questions".


Step 2. Select the quiz from where you want to copy questions.


Step 3. Check the boxes to select the questions you want to import to the quiz. Click on "Import" once you're done.