How to Share a Quiz Using a Unique QR Code


With ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can download and share a unique QR code and invite learners to take a particular quiz on their mobile devices. Users have to scan the QR code to access the quiz.


The QR code will be helpful if you want to quiz employees working at a manufacturing or industrial plant. You can download & share the code in any form or print it out & paste it, which learners can scan with their mobiles and access the quiz.


Also, if an instructor doesn't have the email IDs of learners, they can quickly download and share the QR code.


Here’s how the quiz will appear to learners upon scanning a specific QR Code on their mobile.


Preview of a Quiz on Mobile after scanning the QR Code


By sharing a QR code to access your quiz:


  • You can enable learners to take quiz on-the-go

  • You can eliminate the need for laptops/desktops. Learners can scan the code from their mobiles to access the quiz.

  • You can improve your lead generation process


How to Share a Quiz Using a QR Code


Step 1: In your ProProfs Quiz Maker account, click the Send icon of the quiz you want to share with the learners.


Click the Send icon of a Quiz


Step 2: Go to QR Code and click Download QR Code. An image file will be downloaded.


Choose QR Code and click Download QR Code to download the code as an image file


Step 3: Share the code with learners to scan and visit your quiz link to complete it.


That is all about sharing a quiz using a unique QR code.



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