How to Add a Video & Audio Track to Quiz Questions


ProProfs Quiz Maker lets you upload an audio or video file to your quiz and add questions based on the content on the file. Including video or audio media in a question is a great way to keep quiz takers hooked on the test.



How to Create a Video Quiz


NOTE: If you are looking for a question type that lets your quiz takers record a video or audio as an answer to your quiz question, explore this - How to Add Audio/Video Response Questions to Your Quiz.


Adding an audio/video track to your quiz helps you:


1. Expand your questioning methods to check knowledge retention

2. Reduce efforts at explaining a question textually

3. Make your tests and assessments engaging and fun


Sample quizzes with audio and video files:



To add an audio or video track to your quiz:


Step 1: Click '+ Add Question' among the question types, and then select 'Upload Audio/Video' question type.  


Navigating to Add Question in the quiz editor


  • Select 'Upload Audio/Video' in the overlay. Click 'Add Question.'


Adding Upload Audio/Video Question type to the Quiz


Step 2: Click 'Click here to upload' to select the file from your computer. 


Adding a file


Step 3: Upload your Audio/Video file and do't forget to save it once done.


Uploading an audio/video file


The supported audio/video formats are .mp3, .mp4, .flv. The maximum size for the upload is 600MB.


Step 4: Add questions based on the content on the file.

Make sure to create a variety of questions to make the quiz engaging. For example, you can ask a "Fill in the blank" question, a "Multiple Choice" question, and so on. 


Adding questions based on the uploaded audio/video track


Here is how your learners would see an audio/video type question.


Audio track question preview


That is all about adding an audio/video track to a quiz and asking questions based on it.



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