How to Create a Hotspot Quiz



'Hotspot Questions' are visual questions that can be used to make quizzes interesting and fun. These questions allow the participants to click a spot on an image as the correct answer. While creating the questions, you can determine what area of the image acts as the answer and the size of this area is customizable.


Hotspot quizzes can be used for various purposes like:

  • A geography quiz where you need to mark a location on a map
  • A geometry quiz where a particular type of polygon must be selected
  • A quiz where an object must be selected from a collection


Here's a great example of how a hotspot quiz looks like:




Follow the steps given below to make a hotspot quiz:


Step 1: From your dashboard navigate to 'Create a quiz' -----> 'Create Scored Quiz'.


Step 2: Describe your quiz by adding a title and description. You can also add a relevant image.


Step 3: Select the 'Hotspot' Question type from the menu.



Step 4: Enter the question. We will be using the question "Select the Visa logo among the following:" as an example.


To change the template image with your image(600*300), click on Change.



Step 5: After the upload in the Change section, you can adjust the size of the hotspot area as per your requirements.



Step 6: Click on Save to complete adding your hotspot question.





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