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How do I create a multiple choice quiz?

You can create many different kinds of quizzes, using a variety of question types such as matching quiz, fill in the blanks, true or false, etc. To learn more, please read: What question types do you support? 


One of the best ways to accurately access the knowledge of your learners is by creating a multiple choice quiz.

Tip* You can also create a cloze test, which is a combination of multiple choice and fill in the blanks question types.


Here's a preview of a multiple choice question type:

Benefits of a multiple choice quiz in a nutshell

  • Saves you time as the grading is automated
  • Only one choice can be selected, so ideal for a test on factual topics. If you want to allow multiple selections, try checkbox question
  • Can be used for both scored & personality quizzes.  This article shows how to add multiple choice questions to a scored quiz. Similar steps apply to a personality quiz as well
  • Easy to create numerous questions on different topics
  • An efficient way of testing the knowledge of large batches of learners
  • Allows you to create engaging quizzes using a variety of multiple choice question layouts


ProProfs Quiz Maker allows you to add a multiple choice question type to your quiz.

Here's how you can add a multiple choice question to your quiz:


Step 1. Click "Create A Quiz" and then select a Scored Quiz.



Step 2. Describe your quiz by adding the quiz title, description (instructions for learners if any).



Step 3. Click "Multiple Choice."



Step 4. Write down the questions and add the answer choices. Also, do remember to check the correct answer! Click on Save, and you're done.

You can add feedback to the question which is an explanation shown after the question is attempted.



Create a multiple choice quiz