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How to Create a Matching Quiz


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Matching quizzes allow for great flexibility and accuracy in counting scores and provide an objective assessment of the quiz takers’ knowledge. Matching quizzes are most beneficial when used in areas dealing with facts as they have the least chance of guessing the correct answer compared to other quiz types.


A matching question is two adjacent lists of related words, phrases, pictures, or symbols. Each item in one list is paired with at least one item in the other list. Matching may be considered to be a variant of multiple-choice in which more than one choice is correct. 


Here's how a matching question type will appear. When learners take the quiz, they will be prompted to select the answers from a drop-down menu as shown in the image below. 


Follow these steps to create a matching quiz:


Step 1: After you have created a scored quiz, select the question type "Matching." 



Step 2: To create a matching quiz - Type in the question, enter the choice and its corresponding match and click on "Save." 

 If you wish to assign points to each option in a matching question type, try our partial grading feature.

How to add an image to matching question types

The 'Matching' question type along with 'Fill in the blank' and 'Checkbox' question types where there is more than one correct answer may require partial grading. It is one of the grading processes to evaluate grading by assigning points to every correct option.


Here are some easy ways to make your quiz more engaging for the learners:


a) Add an image/video: ProProfs Quiz Maker will let you add an image or video to a quiz via 

  • Search: This functionality will let you search for a relevant image on Google Images or look for a supporting video on Youtube video 
  • Image library: Choose from any of the images that are already existing in the Image library 
  • Upload: You can also upload an image already stored on your Computer. 


Here's how your quiz will appear after an image is added. 


b) Add feedback: The explanation will be displayed after the question is attempted. 


b) Add tags: This feature allows the quiz creator to organize the question. 



ProProfs Quiz Maker supports different kinds of question types, allowing you to create quizzes with varied questions such as true or false, fill in the blanks, multiple choice and more.



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