How to Create a Matching Quiz


A Matching quiz can be created using the Matching question type. It has options arranged in two columns, and the quiz takers must match the options in the second column with the correct choices in the first column.


Watch this quick video to learn how to create a matching quiz:




Or continue reading to understand it step-by-step.


Benefits of creating a matching quiz:


  • Makes the quiz interesting for quiz takers
  • Deeply assess the quiz takers' knowledge retention


For example, this is what a Matching question will look like in a quiz:


Preview of a matching quiz


Here's how to create Matching quizzes:


Step 1: In the quiz editor, 


  • Navigate to 'Add Question' on the left panel or top right. 
  • Select 'Matching' in the overlay.
  • Click 'Add Question' to finish adding the question type.


Note: The "Matching" question type is available for the Scored quiz only


Adding the Matching Question type to the editor


Step 2: Customize the question and its various elements.


Matching quiz question


1. Enter the question.

2. Enter choices matches, and add more if required. You can also add incorrect answer options, or so-called distractors, to confuse quiz takers and test their knowledge levels. That means your matching quiz with four questions can have more than four options to choose from.

3. Advanced:

  • Add feedback which is shown after the question is attempted.
  • Add tags to categorize questions.
  • Make the question mandatory for the users to attempt.
  • Enable grading if you'd like this particular question to impact the overall quiz score.

4. Add an image if you want. Once you're done, save. Your question is ready.

5. You can permanently remove a question using the Delete option.


That is all about creating a matching quiz in ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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