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How to Add a 'Record Video' Question to a Quiz



Making your quizzes interactive is easy with ProProfs. Choose from 10+ question types, including the Record Video question that enables your quiz takers to respond to your question with a video. Quiz takers can record a video in real-time or upload a previously recorded video file.


Benefits of the Record Video question type in a quiz:

  • A fun and engaging way to answer quiz questions
  • An easy medium for interview candidates to introduce themselves
  • A great tool for learners and students to present their ideas, projects 
  • A simple way to prompt customers to record video testimonials
  • Presents a good opportunity to better understand the ability, attitude, and overall personality of the quiz takers


Here’s how a 'Record Video' Question appears in a quiz:


Here’s how you can add a 'Record Video' Question to a quiz:


Step 1: Go to Questions >> More and click the Record Video question type to add it to your quiz.


Video question type


Step 2: Customize the question as required as shown in the screenshot below.


Edit record video question in a quiz


1. Enter a title for the question. By default, it displays “Tell us about yourself”.

2. Add an image to the question. If you want, you can disable this option by switching the Media option Off (point 6).

3. Enter a description explaining what your question is about.

4. Under Advanced, you can enter tags (visible only to you) to organize similar questions.

5. You can make the question mandatory for quiz takers.

6. Enable the Media option to enter an image for this question. This is related to point 2.

7. You can provide the following three choices to your quiz takers: Record answer, Upload answer file, or Record answer or upload file.


Record video or upload video in a quiz


8. Select the recording length of the video from a minimum of 15 seconds to a maximum of 10 minutes.


Once you’re done customizing the video question, click Save. The video question stands successfully added to the quiz.

Here’s how it would appear to a quiz taker:


Video question in an online quiz




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