How to Add Audio/Video Response Questions to Your Quiz


Video is the new currency of communication, learning, and knowledge assessment. And ProProfs ends passive quizzing by introducing video and audio-based question types.



Why use this question type?


The "record video" question type can be used for video interviews, teaching or learning a new language, and asking video testimonials from customers, to name the popular use cases. The question type lets your quiz takers upload or record a live video as an answer to your question. If you want an "audio only" answer - no problem - switch to "Audio" from the recording types for your quiz takers to be able to upload a pre-recorded audio file or record a live audio answer.


Note: If you are looking to upload a video/audio file and frame questions based on the content on the file, take a look at this - How to Add a Video/Audio Track to a Quiz Question.


Benefits of the video/audio question type in a quiz:


  • Scale hiring with video or audio interview questions

  • A fun and engaging way for users to answer questions

  • A great tool for learners and students to present their ideas and projects

  • A simple way to request customers to record audio/video testimonials




Let’s quickly go through some examples:


Example 1 - Video interview questions can be used by recruiters & hiring managers to capture candidate responses through video and scale up the hiring process. For example, while taking an assessment test, the candidate comes across an open question like: Can you tell us about yourself? They can simply click the “Record” button and answer it. 

Example 2 - Businesses can create video questions to ask customers for video testimonials or feedback. For example, when asked, "Please tell us what you like the most about our product," the customer can simply click "Record" to share their thoughts. These videos can then be downloaded and added to your testimonials page.  

Example 3 - Language teachers & corporate trainers can ask learners to “Record a video answer” as an engaging question type and a more profound way to assess personality, style, and knowledge. For example, students can answer the question, "How would you greet someone in German?" by recording their video responses. Or corporate trainers may ask hiring managers to “Please record a video of yourself explaining what our company does.”

Example 4 - Marketing professionals can use "record a video question" for interviewing authors, entrepreneurs, and celebrities for their social media campaigns. For example, won’t it be effortless for an author to answer the question - "When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?" by just clicking the "Record" button and sharing their experience with the world?


Here’s how a "Record Audio/Video" Question appears in a quiz:


Record video/audio question in a quiz


In this article, you’ll learn:


  1. How to Add A "Record Audio/Video" Question to a Quiz
  2. What Questions to Ask in a Video Interview?


1. How to Add a "Record Audio/Video" Question to a Quiz


Step 1: On the quiz interface, click + Add Question.


How to create a video interview question in ProProfs Quiz Maker



  • Scroll down to choose Record Audio/Video among question types.

  • Click Add Question to finish adding the question type to your quiz.


Adding a audio/video interview question to your Quiz


Step 2: Customize the question based on your requirements by following the screenshot below.


Customizing record audio/video question type



1. Enter a title for the question. By default, it displays “Record your response.”


2. Under Advanced, you can enter tags (visible only to you) to organize similar questions.


3. You can make the question mandatory for quiz takers.


4. You can use this option to assign grades to this question.


5. Set the maximum number of retakes allowed to record the video answer. You can enable up to five retakes or even set "No Limit."


6. You can set the maximum recording time based on your question from a minimum of 15 seconds to a maximum of 10 minutes.


7. You can switch between video & audio.


Choosing between audio & video recording type


8. You can choose whether you want quiz takers to record audio/video or upload an audio/video file.


Choosing the response type


9. Enable the Media option to add an image to this question. 


10. Hit the delete button to remove the question.


Once you’re done customizing the video question, click Save. You have successfully added the "record audio/video" question to the quiz.


Here’s what quiz takers will see when they are taking a quiz with a question that asks them to record their audio as a response:


Record Audio Response question preview for Quiz Takers


1. When quiz takers click on record, they will see the pop-up below.


  • They can now click Start Recording to record their response. 



  • Once finished with the recording, they will find the option to either submit their response or retake.


Finalizing/Retaking the recorded response.


  • After hitting submit, their response will upload, and they can now preview it, edit its volume, or delete it.


Previewing the recorded response.


2. Quiz takers can also upload a pre-recorded response from their system using the Upload button. 


After uploading an audio file, they can click Next to proceed.



2. Video Interview Examples


Here are some sample video interview questions that you can ask a candidate in your "Record Audio/Video" question type:


Sample Interview Questions for HR Screening

1. Please tell us about yourself in 2 minutes or less. 

2. What interests you about this position?

3. What skill or experience makes you a good candidate for this position?

4. If you didn’t have to work, what would you prefer doing?

5. What are your strengths?


Sample Video Interview Questions for Sales

1. What is the last thing you sold, and why should I buy it?

2. What is your best memory of a sale you won?

3. Tell us about a sale you lost.

4. Why do sales interest you?

5. How do you handle rejection or objections from a prospect?


Sample Video Interview Questions for Technical Round

1. What do you like the most about working in technology?

2. Who is your role model in the technology world?

3. What technical skills make you a good candidate for this position?

4. What’s your favorite programming language, and why?

5. What technology are you most proficient in?


Sample Video Questions for Customer Service

1. How would you handle an angry customer?

2. What does good customer service mean to you?

3. What makes you interested in customer support?

4. How do you deal with a demanding customer?

5. Tell us about when you turned an unhappy customer into a happy one.


Sample Video Questions for Administration Interview

1. What does a job well done mean to you?

2. What tools do you use to stay organized?

3. What are your greatest professional strengths?

4. How do you manage stressful situations?


That is all about the "record audio/video" question type in ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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