How to Add a Drag-and-Drop Question Type to Your Quiz


A drag-and-drop quiz question allows quiz takers to interactively arrange answers in the correct order or location. ProProfs Quiz Maker offers this question type to make quizzes more engaging for participants. You can create a simple fill-in-the-blanks question or ask learners to drag-and-drop options to match the question.


Here is an example of a drag-and-drop quiz question:



Benefits of adding a drag-and-drop quiz question:


  • Allows quiz takers to actively participate by arranging answers in the correct order or location. 
  • Improve their understanding and retention of the material being tested. 
  • Make the quiz-taking experience more enjoyable and memorable for the quiz-takers.


To Add a Drag-And-Drop Question Type


Step 1: Click Add Question in the quiz editor.


Go to Add Question in the editor


Step 2: Select Drag & Drop in the question panel. You will see two options-


A. Drag & Drop Text- A fill-in-the-blank question where learners can drag the correct option and drop it at the right spot.

B. Drag & Drop Matching- A matching question where learners can drag and drop the options to match the left column.



You can use the Order List question type if you want learners to arrange the answers in a pre-defined sequence. Learn more.


When you choose Drag & Drop Text-


Step 2.A.1: Select Drag & Drop Text and click Add.


Add Drag and Drop Text Question to your quiz


Here’s what the question will look like in the editor.


Placeholder drag-and-drop question in the quiz editor


Step 2.A.2: Replace the placeholder with your question and click Add Response to add boxes at the required places. You will see corresponding answer fields for every box you will add.


Add/edit the question and add response fields and corresponding correct answers


Note: When you remove the default answer options, you must keep at least one option as the correct answer, which you can edit depending on your question.


Step 2.A.3: Mention the correct answers in the required fields in the order you want quiz takers to arrange.


Step 2.A.4: Add distractors or incorrect answer options. You can add multiple wrong answers.


Add distractors or incorrect answers


When you choose Drag & Drop Matching:


Step 2.B.1: Select Drag & Drop Matching and click Add.


Add Drag & Drop Matching Question


Here’s what the question will look like in the editor:


Drag and Drop Matching question in the editor


Step 2.B.2: Replace the placeholder with your choices and their corresponding matches. To add more items, click Add New to add a new option and corresponding answer. 


Note: You cannot delete the default choices. You can only modify them or add new ones as per your question.


Add choices and their corresponding Matches using the Add New button


You can reorder the choices or delete them using the respective icons. 


Step 2.B.3: Add distractors or incorrect answer options. You can add multiple wrong answers.


Mention incorrect answers or distractors for the question



Step 3: Expand the advanced settings section to configure the following:


1. Feedback: Add a comment for the questions as a whole or provide separate feedback for both correct & incorrect options. The feedback will appear after the quiz taker’s attempt.

2. Tags: Add tags for easy grouping of questions.

3. Required Question: Make the question mandatory using this option.

4. Grading: Include the question into your grading system using this option.

5. Media: Add an image to your question by enabling it.

6. Delete: Remove the question from your quiz.


Configure advanced settings


Once you have configured your question and its settings, you can preview it. Go to Preview > Question Preview.


Preview the Question


Here’s what the preview will look like:


A. Drag and Drop Text


Drag-and-Drop Text Question Preview


B. Drag & Drop Matching


Drag-and-Drop Matching Question Preview


That’s all you need to know about creating a drag-and-drop quiz in ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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