How to Add a ‘Type-in’ Question to Your Quiz


ProProfs Quiz Maker has a wide variety of question types to test the wisdom of quiz takers in different ways. The ‘Type-in’ question type, as the name suggests, allows quiz takers to type in their answers in a textbox. You also have the choice to make the question pictorial by adding an image to the question. For example, you can provide an image, say a flag, and ask learners to name the country.


Benefits of a type-in quiz question:


It is an excellent way to gauge knowledge retention since learners need to remember the exact answer and there are no answer options given to use the hit and trial method.


Here’s a preview of the ‘Type-in’ question with a pictorial hint:


Preview of a 'type-in' quiz question


To add a 'type-in' question to your quiz:


Step 1: In your ProProfs Quiz Maker account,


  • Navigate to a quiz on the dashboard

  • Click ‘Edit


Adding the Type-in Question to a Quiz


Step 2: In the edit section,


  • Click on ‘+Add Question’ on the left panel.


Navigating to 'Add question' in the quiz editor


  • Select ‘Type In’ in the overlay.


Adding the type-in question from the question palette


  • Click ‘Add Question’ to complete adding this question type to your quiz.


Step 3: After adding the question,


Follow the screenshot instructions below,


Editing the 'Type in' question in the Quiz Editor


1. Add the title of your question


2. Add the options that quiz takers should type in to match with the answers


3. Under the advanced settings, you can choose to add an explanation after the question is attempted


4. Add tags to group questions with similar tags easily


5. You can choose to make the question mandatory for quiz takers


6. You can make the question eligible for grading


7. You can enable the media to add images as a hint. It works when you enable option 9.


Adding images as a hint for the type in question


8. You can change the layout of answer boxes. By default, it is vertical. When you change it to horizontal:


Changing the layout of the answer boxes


9. You can provide quiz-takers with hints for the question. Hints could be either textual or visual.


10. You can delete the question from your quiz


Step 4: After customizing your question,


You can preview or save the question using the ‘Preview’ or ‘Save’ buttons.


Saving the quiz after adding the Type in quiz question


That is all about using a ‘type in’ question in a quiz.



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