How to Create a Fill-in-the-Blanks Quiz


The Fill-in-the-blank question is useful when you want your learners to finish an incomplete sentence by providing the answer in the blank space.
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Benefits of creating a fill-in-the-blank quiz:
  • Test knowledge retention of quiz takers
  • Useful for trainers, recruiters, & teachers to analyze quiz takers' recall ability

How to Add a Fill-in-the-Blanks Question in a Quiz


Step 1: In the editor, click Fill in the blank.


Edit quiz


Step 2: Customize the question.


Edit quiz question


1. Enter the question/sentence and create the blank by clicking + Add Blank Space where you want it in the sentence.

2. Enter the answers for the system to recognize it when the learner attempts this question.

3. Advance:

  • Add feedback that is displayed after the question is attempted.
  • Add tags to categorize questions.
  • Making it a required question for the learners.
  • Add grading if you'd like this question to impact the overall score.
  • Enable case sensitivity for the answers.

4. Enable the Symbols option if you'd like to add symbols along with the text content in the answers. Add an image to the question. Once you're done, save. Your Fill-in-the-blank question is ready.

How to Make Answers Case Sensitive for Fill-in-the-Blank Questions


Fill in the Blank questions present the learner with a sentence with a blanked out word and a space to respond. Depending on how the question was created, the response may be case-sensitive (by default, it is set to ignore case).


With a simple click, you can enable a case-sensitive response such that "A" and "a" are treated differently.  For instance, if the correct answer is "ABC" and a student types "abc", it will be graded as an incorrect response (not a match) if case-sensitive grading is enabled.


To enable case-sensitive grading while creating Fill in the Blank questions, select the option as shown in the screenshot below:


That is all about creating a fill-in-the-blank quiz.



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