How to Create a True or False Quiz


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A True/False question is one of the most effective ways to gauge the quiz takers' knowledge. It is a direct question that can simply be answered with a true/false, right/wrong, or correct/incorrect.


The True/False question type is available for both the Scored quizzes and the Personality quizzes. It differs slightly between the two quiz types. In this article, you'll learn:


Here's how you can create a True/False question in a Scored quiz:


Step 1: In the editor, click True'False under Questions.


Online quiz editor


Step 2: Customize the question and its elements.


True and false quiz question


1. Enter the question you want to ask. You can even write something else instead of using the default text - True and False.

2. Advanced:

  • Add feedback which will be displayed after the question has been attempted.
  • Add tags to categorize the questions.
  • Apply branching logic, make it a required question for the quiz takers, and add grading if you want this question to impact the overall quiz score.

3. Add images. Once you're done, save. Your True/False question in a Scored quiz is ready.


Similarly, you can add a True/False question in a Personality quiz as well. Here's the editing screen of a True/False question when adding one in a Personality quiz:


Editing a true and false quiz question


Besides customizing the main question, you can add a personality (for example, a Superhero) to the True/False options. You can also enable the Advanced setting to assign points to the answers.




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