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How do I create a true or false quiz?

While this article mentions how to create a true or false quiz, you can also add other question types such as matching, fill in the blanks or multiple choice as needed to create a quiz with a good mix of different question types.



One of the most popular types of quiz is one consisting of a True or False question type. This sort of a quiz is easy to create and score as it has only two answers. It is also one of the best question types to test the understanding of learners regarding a topic.


Follow the steps below to add True or False question type to your quiz.


Step 1. Go to My Quizzes and click on Create A Quiz and continue.


Step 2. Describe your quiz by adding the title, description and select the appropriate category.

Step 3. Click on True/False menu to add the question type.



Step 4. Type the question in the box and add the answers. Remember to select the correct answer. Click on Save and you're done.



Create a True or False quiz