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How do I create a true or false quiz?

While this article mentions how to create a true or false quiz, you can also add other question types such as matching, fill in the blanks or multiple choice as needed to create a quiz with a good mix of different question types.


Here's how a 'true or false' quiz appears to learners:


Follow these steps to create a 'True or False' quiz:


Step 1. From your dashboard navigate to "Create a quiz" -----> "Create Scored Quiz."

Step 2. Describe your quiz by adding a title and description, and you can also add a relevant image.

Step 3. Select True/False question type from the menu.


Step 4. Type the question in the box (true or false questions are statements which are either true or false). Select the correct answer and click "Save & Add New" to add more questions, or "Save" to add the question and exit to the quiz editor.


Create a True or False quiz