How to Add Images From User Media Library


The “User Media Library” is a centralized location that allows users to maintain an image database in ProProfs Quiz Maker. The media library automatically saves all the images a user uploads, making them available for reuse.


Here’s what the media library looks like.


User Media Library in ProProfs Quiz Maker


The user media library lets you:


  • Store every image you use in your quizzes

  • Minimize the use of local storage space

  • Easily reuse images


How to Access the User Media Library


Step 1: Click “Edit” under the desired quiz.


Open a quiz to edit


Step 2: Add a question if you’re creating a new quiz. For an existing quiz, go to a question in the quiz editor.


Add a new question or edit an existing one


Step 3: Click the question editor and then click the “image icon,” as shown in the image below.


Click the image icon


Step 4: A pop-up will appear. Click “Browse Server” to access the media library.


Click Browser Server to navigate through the media library


Note: If you don’t have any images saved in the media library, refer to “How to add an image to a quiz question” to add images to the media library. The user media library keeps all the images you upload and the custom images.


Step 5: Select the desired image from the media library. The selected image will get highlighted with orange borders, as shown below. Click “Choose” to proceed.


Pick an image and click Choose


Step 6: Selecting an image from the media library automatically adds the image’s URL. Adjust properties accordingly, select the alignment, and click “OK” to add the image to the question.


Click OK to add the selected image to the quiz after setting its alignment and size


Here’s what the question will look like after adding the image.


Quiz question with an associated image


Save the changes once done.


That is all about the user media library in ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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