User Media Library

The User Media Library is a feature that allows users to maintain an image database in ProProfs Quiz Maker. The media library automatically saves all the images that a user upload, so they are available for re-use.


Here's how you can add images to quiz questions through the media library:


Step 1: Click "Edit" under the desired quiz.



Step 2: The quiz editor opens up, chose a question type and click on it.



Step 3: Click the "question editor" and then click the "add picture" button as shown in the image below.



Step 4: A pop up appears, click "Browse Server" to access the media library.

*If you don't have any images saved in the media library, then refer  "How to add an image to a quiz question" to add images to the media library. The user media library keeps all the images that you upload along with the custom images.



Step 5: Select the desired image from media library, the selected image will be highlighted by orange borders as visible in the below image. Click "Choose" to proceed.



Step 6: Selecting an image from media library automatically adds the image's URL. Adjust properties accordingly, select alignment and click "OK" to add the image to question. 



Step 7: Enter the question and options text and click "Save."


Here's a preview of the question:



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