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How do I add an image to a quiz question?

You can easily add an image to a question by:  

  1. uploading the image
  2. using the URL of the image 


You can also edit the width and height of the image as well as add a border and set the alignment according to your preference. The screenshot below shows you how your image will look on a quiz question, finally.



Step 1: Select a Question Type and click on "Image" icon in the Question Box.



Step 2: Click on "Upload" and browse the image which you want to upload. 



Step 3: Upload the image by clicking on "Send it to the Server". You can also customize the image height, width and alignment. Click on "OK" to upload your image.




Step 4: Similarly, you can also add an image with a URL by selecting "Image Info". Then you can paste the image URL in the box and click on OK. 




Step 5: Finally, edit the height and width of the image as well as set the alignment or add borders. Click on OK once you're done.