How to Create an Online Quiz (Scored Quiz)




Creating a quiz with ProProfs Quiz Maker is super easy. Make a quiz from scratch or choose a template from our library based on your business requirements.


With ProProfs, you can create quizzes, even when you don't have the questions ready, by using existing quiz templates. You can also create your own quizzes carrying your brandings such as custom colors and logo.


This article explains how to create a scored quiz, you can also create personality quizzes.


The steps below show you how to use ProProfs quiz editor to create a quiz, but the editor can also bulk import questions from an Excel document.


Here’s how you can create a quiz online:

Step 1: Create a Quiz

What you see in the screenshot below is your dashboard. All your draft and live quizzes will appear here. Click on the + Create a Quiz button to create a new quiz.


Create a quiz


Step 2: Choose Quiz type

There are two options provided for you to create an online quiz - Scored Quiz and Personality Quiz. You can choose one depending on your requirements. For example, let’s proceed by clicking Create Scored Quiz.


Choose a quiz type


Step 3: Choose a Template or Create from scratch

You can build one from scratch or choose a template. For this article, let’s Create a quiz from Scratch.


Choose template or create from scratch


Step 4: Give Your Quiz a Name

You’re now in the editor. Here, you can begin by giving a name to your quiz by clicking Untitled Quiz. There are more elements that you can add such as multiple-choice questions, checkboxes, true/false, and more. You can further add notes, documents, audio/video files, and more.


Name the quiz


Step 5: Add Name, Description, and Image

Here, write a name for your quiz in the text field titled Untitled Quiz. Add a description in the Type your description box. You can also change the default image by clicking the Change Image option.


Add name, description, and image


Step 6: Change the Quiz Image

You can upload an image of your choice or select one from our Image Library. Click Done once you’ve selected an image for your quiz.


Change the quiz image


Step 7: Give Your Quiz a Title

After you’ve added all the required details, click Save to go back to the editor where you can continue to add more elements to your quiz.


Add quiz title


Step 8: Add Questions, Essay, Notes, and more

You’re now back in the editor. Continue to add a variety of questions such as multiple-choice, checkbox, fill in the blanks, and matching. Let's add multiple choice questions by clicking the Multiple Choice option in the left pane.


Add questions


Step 9: Customize Multiple Choice Questions Template

You can customize the template by adding your own question, options for answer, and images. Once you've customized the multiple choice questions template, click Save to return to the editor.


Customize the template


Step 10: Preview the Quiz

Back in the editor, you can similarly add fill in the blanks, checkbox, true/false, and matching. Once you're done making additions, click Preview to see how the quiz will appear to your learners.


Preview quiz


The preview will appear like this.


Quiz preview


Step 11: Finish Creating Your Quiz

Back in the editor, click Done to finish creating your quiz. This completes the process for creating a scored quiz.


Finish quiz creation


The created Quiz will appear like this on your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard.


Quiz Maker dashboard





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