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Quick Start Guide: How to create a quiz?

With ProProfs, you can create quizzes, even when you don't have the questions ready, by using existing quiz templates. You can also create your own quizzes carrying your branding such as custom colors and logo.


This article explains how to create a scored quiz but you can also create personality quizzes.


The image below shows you how the quiz will finally appear to your learners.



Note* The steps below show you how to use ProProfs quiz editor, but you can also bulk import questions from an Excel document to create a quiz.


Step 1. Go to your quiz dashboard and click on "Create a Quiz". 



Step 2. Click on "Create a Scored Quiz".



Step 3. Click on "Untitled Quiz" to add a title, description and image to your quiz.




Step 4. Add the title and description of your quiz. You can upload your own image or add one from our image library or Google Images.



Step 5. Add a question type to your quiz such as a multiple choice, checkbox etc.



Step 6. Click on the question type you've selected to add questions and answers. Remember to select the right answer.



Step 7. You can find ready-made questions, add points to your questions, import questions, reorder questions,  go to settings, preview and save your quiz from this page.