How to Create an Online Scored Quiz 


Creating a quiz with ProProfs Quiz Maker is super easy. Make a quiz from scratch or choose a template from our library based on your business requirements. ProProfs solves the most challenging part of creating a scored quiz - readying questions. You can browse our library of over 100,000+ questions and create a quiz in minutes. You can also brand your quizzes by using custom colors and a logo.


Watch this quick video guide to learn more about scored quizzes.



Or continue reading to learn it step-by-step.


Scored quizzes help you to:


1. Make your training sessions more interactive

2. Assess your learners’ skills or knowledge retention

3. Capture qualified leads & increase lead generation


This article explains how to create a scored quiz. You can also create personality quizzes.


The steps below show you how to use the ProProfs quiz editor to create a quiz, but the editor can also bulk-import questions from an Excel document.


To Create a Scored Quiz Online:


Step 1: In your ProProfs Quiz Maker account:


  • Click the "+ Create a Quiz" button on the dashboard to create a new quiz. On your dashboard, you can see all your drafts and live quizzes.

  • A new page opens to pick an option.


Create a Quiz


Step 2: You will have to pick a quiz type from the given two options, Scored Quiz & Personality Quiz, based upon your requirements.


  • In this guide, we will proceed with the "Scored Quiz."

  • Click "Create Scored Quiz." A new page opens.


Creating a Scored Quiz


Step 3: Here, you will find ready-to-use templates and an option to create from scratch. In addition to the featured section comprising a few recommended quizzes, templates range from business, education to sports, holidays, and fun.


  • In this article, we will learn to create a quiz from scratch.

  • Click "+ Create from Scratch." The quiz builder opens.


Creating a Quiz from scratch


Note: The small dropdown arrow next to the Create a Quiz button on the dashboard lets you skip a step by redirecting you directly to the preferred selection. The dropdown acts like a shortcut to create a quiz from scratch, create a quiz using templates or create a quiz using the 100,000+ questions from our library.


Alternative method to start creating a quiz


1. When you select Create from Scratch


Selecting Create From Scratch from the dropdown


2. When you select Create Using Templates


Selecting Create using templates from the dropdown


3. When you select Ready To Use Questions


Selecting Ready to use questions from the dropdown


These are easy and convenient methods to start creating a new quiz.


Step 4: Here’s how the quiz builder looks to the editor. We will start with basic editing.


A view of Quiz Editor


  • Customize your quiz by adding a title, image, and description. Click Edit Cover


Editing the cover


  • Follow the screenshot instructions to customize your quiz.


Adding Title, Image, and Description


  1. Quiz Title: Give your quiz a title to help quiz takers know what it is all about. Also, the title enables you to distinguish quizzes on your dashboard.


  1. Add Media: Upload an image/video or choose from the ProProfs library. You can also search for an image on Google or Pexels or a video on YouTube, integrated with our quiz builder. Select an image/video and click Done.


Selecting Quiz Image


  1. Description: Add details about your quiz to give quiz takers some extra information.


  • Click Save at the end to confirm your changes and proceed further.


Saving the changes


Step 5: After setting up the quiz name, image, and description, let us add our first question of the quiz. ProProfs Quiz Maker offers a wide range of question types to help you create an interactive quiz.


  • Click + New Question.


Adding a question


  • Choose a question type based on your requirements. Let’s add a multiple-choice question by selecting Multiple Choice from the palette and clicking Add Question.


Adding a multiple choice question


Note: The Import Questions feature lets you bulk add questions from an already created quiz or an excel sheet in a prescribed format.


  • A multiple-choice question shows up on the Quiz Editor main page. Every element of the question is editable.

  • You can write a question and add the options.


Follow the screenshot instructions to customize your question further.


Customizing the question


  1. You can add your feedback to a question.

  2. You can add a tag to a question.

  3. You can add branching to guide your quiz takers to the relevant questions based on their chosen options.

  4. You can make it a mandatory question.

  5. You can enable grading to make it a scoring question.

  6. You can seek quiz takers’ comments to understand why they chose an option before proceeding to the next question.



Step 6: After adding a few more questions, either multiple choice or any other question type, you can preview it.


  • Click Preview to see how they will appear to the quiz takers.


Previewing the question


Here’s how the quiz will look to learners.


Quiz Taker's Preview


Step 7: In the left panel of the quiz editor, you can quickly choose different result types, modify settings, and select a theme for your quiz.


Quick Customization Panel


  1. Results: Choose the type of result you want to provide to the quiz takers once they complete the quiz. You can pick one from the dropdown or customize your result the way you want.


Customizing Result Type


  1. Popular Settings: You can use popular settings to customize scoring when creating a scored quiz. Also, you can modify question order and viewability. To go to the settings page, click All Settings.


Customizing Popular Settings


  1. Popular Themes: Pick a theme from our preloaded options to change your quiz’s appearance quickly. To edit in detail, click Customize your theme.


Adding Theme


Step 8: After creating your quiz, you can simply head to your dashboard by clicking on the header logo.


Switching to dashboard


Note: The automatic save feature in the ProProfs Quiz Maker ensures your changes are saved without you needing to click the Save button.


Here’s how the quiz will look on your dashboard.


Dashboard Preview


That is all about creating a scored quiz with ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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