How to Create a Personality Quiz


A personality quiz helps you understand the aspects of an individual’s character or psychological makeup. The grading system is also different since there are no right or wrong answers, and you can assign points to answers’ options based on your discretion.


Watch this quick video to learn how to create a personality quiz:



Or continue reading to understand it step-by-step.


Here’s what a personality quiz result would look like.


Leadership Potential Assessment Result Preview


Benefits of personality quizzes:


  • Gain advanced insights into your users based on their responses
  • Increase the participation rate in your quizzes and collect valuable lead-generation data


Note: There is a difference between ‘scored’ and ‘personality’ quizzes. Watch this video to learn more. 

This article covers the following:


1. How to Create a Personality Quiz From Scratch

2. How to Create a Personality Quiz Using Template


 How to Create a Personality Quiz From Scratch


Step 1: Click “Create a Quiz” on your Quiz Maker dashboard.


Click Create a Quiz


Step 2: Create a new personality quiz on the “Personality Templates” tab. Choose to start from scratch or use a ready-made template to edit.


Here we will create a new personality quiz from scratch.


Click Create from Scratch


NOTE: You can switch to the Assessment Library tab to create skill assessment tests and strengthen your hiring & training programs. These are upgraded versions of personality quizzes.


 To create a personality quiz using a template:


Click Create a Quiz >> Personality Templates >> Choose a template from the given options. You can switch to any domain and select a particular field to create a quiz.


Personality Templates


Step 3: In the quiz editor, click “Edit Cover” to add a name, cover image, and a short description of your quiz. Once done, click Save.


Click Edit Cover


Step 4: Click “New Question” to select from available question types and use them to design your quiz.


Choose a Question Type


Click “Add Question” to finish adding a question(s).


NOTE: You can also import questions from your existing quizzes or a public one.


Step 5: Go to “Personality” on the left panel and click “New Personality” to add different personality types with an image and a description.


Add New Personality Types


Step 6: Customize the question and its elements according to your requirements.


  1. Edit the question here.

  2. Edit the options and add more if needed.

  3. Assign the most suitable personality to each option.

  4. Switch between multiple choice or checkbox.

  5. Enable Media to add/upload image(s) or video(s) for question and answer option(s).

  6. Choose how you want the options listed - vertically, horizontally, or in columns.

  7. Click Delete to remove the question.


Customize the Question and answer options


Advanced Settings


Click to expand the Advanced settings and enable/disable the following options.


Advanced Settings


Advanced Scoring: It allows you to assign points to each answer option. You can also associate multiple personality types with an answer option and separate them based on point assignment. If there is a tie between two personality types in the results, both will be displayed.


Advanced Scoring



Image Only Answer: It allows you to use only images as answer options for quiz questions.


Please note that this option will be available only when you enable media for the question.


That is all about creating a new ‘Personality Quiz’ with ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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