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How to create a personality quiz?

While a scored quiz enables you to test the knowledge of learners, a personality quiz helps you understand aspects of an individual's character or psychological makeup. The grading is also different, since in a personality quiz there are no right or wrong answers and you can assign points to answers options based on your discretion.

You can create a personality quiz for different uses such as:

  • Pre-hire employee assessments 
  • Assessing students’ learning styles 
  • Understanding customer behavior 
  • Fun personality quizzes 


Let's learn how to create a personality quiz using a simple example such as "Which superhero are you?"



To create such a personality quiz, you need to think about certain options as shown in the example below:

  • Quiz title: Which superhero are you? 
  • Quiz final results: Batman, Superman and so on
  • Quiz question: Would you like to wear a mask?
  • Quiz answers: A.No/ B.Yes

Follow the steps below to create a personality quiz:
Step 1: On "Create a Quiz" page, select “Personality Quiz” and continue.


Step 2: Write the title (Which superhero are you?) and description of your quiz. Add a cover/main image and save to go to the next step.


Step 3: Click on "Personalities to add personalities/results to your quiz. 



Step 4: On this page, list the final results of your quiz such as Superman, Batman etc and add a description. Save and go to the next page.



Step 5. Finally add the questions and answers to your quiz. Here you need to assign the result type against each answer option. Save your quiz.