How to Create Multi-layered, Scored Personality Quiz Results


ProProfs Quiz Maker lets you assess people by analyzing psychographic characteristics and traits such as emotional intelligence, communication, honesty & integrity, values, desires, goals, interests, lifestyle choices, etc. This enables hiring managers and corporate trainers to get precise recommendations based on how people score on each personality parameter or trait you set up in your quiz.


Score-based personality analysis enables you to: 


  • Get precise recommendations based on predefined conditions/parameters, which are scored automatically as people take your quiz

  • Save time and effort in assessing every personality trait individually

  • Conduct pre-hire assessments to make data-driven hiring decisions 


Here's an example of psychographic quiz results:



To set up score-based personality assessment results for your quiz:


Step 1: Go to your quiz ‘Settings’. Scroll down to ‘Show analysis based on the score achieved for a personality,‘ and enable the setting.


Navigating to the setting

Step 2: Choose a result type from the following:


  • Show top matched: It will show only one (top satisfied criterion).

  • Show all matched: It will show all matched analyses concerning given ranges/scores.

  • Show all: It means it will show all defined, regardless of the score.


Step 3: Make sure to draft a message(s) to show against each personality type. The following is an example scenario for you to understand well.

For example,  the goal is to create three personality results for a pre-hiring assessment. The test results will help the hiring manager know if a candidate is Recommended, Cautiously Recommended, or Not Recommended based on how they score on various personality parameters like below.  


  • If the [Personality Element] score is between [66%-100%], they are Highly Recommended.

  • If the [Personality Element] score is between [33%-65%], they are Cautiously Recommended.

  • If the [Personality Element] score is between [0%-32%], they are Not Recommended.


Below is how you can replicate it: 


Customizing the setting


  1. Select Personality: Choose a personality type from the dropdown.


Selecting a personality


  1. Assign scores: Add a score range to each parameter.


Assigning scores


  1. Add next parameter: Add the next personality parameter from the drop-down. Assign a score range and repeat the process until you’ve added all the parameters.




  1. Message Title: Type ‘Recommended’ in the box. 

  2. Body: Enter a supporting description for recommending a candidate with scores of 66 & above in all personality types.


Result with the supporting paragraph


  1. Add another: Click to add another box and repeat the above five instructions.


  • Please assign scores between 33 and 100 for a ‘Cautiously Recommended’ result.


Cautiously Recommended Personality


  • Please assign scores between 0 and 100 for a ‘Not Recommended’ result.


Not Recommended Personality

In case you still need help, we’re here to help. You can book a demo so one of our product people can walk you through the easy steps of creating multi-layered personality quiz results.



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