How to Allow Quiz Takers to Skip Questions or Review Answers Before Submission


ProProfs Quiz Maker provides quiz takers with increased flexibility and control. This tool allows learners to skip questions, i.e., jump to any question and return to previous questions to change their answers. Also, quiz takers can mark specific questions for review before final submission. This enhances the quiz-taking experience by making it more engaging and interactive.


Continue reading for instructions on how to implement these features.


Here's how learners can view all questions, jump to any number, and mark them for review.


Learner's view of viewing all questions, skipping questions, and marking for review


Benefits of allowing quiz takers to skip questions or mark them for review:


  • Reduces pressure and stress on quiz takers
  • Provides the opportunity to return to difficult questions later
  • Improves the accuracy of responses by allowing for review and changes
  • Increases engagement and motivation by giving quiz takers more control


How to Allow Quiz Takers to Skip Questions or Review Answers


Step 1: Go to a quiz's settings. You will arrive under the General tab. Scroll down to Presentation.


Go to Presentation under General quiz settings


Step 2: Toggle the following to "Yes":


  1. Allow review before submission- Enable this option to allow learners to change their answers before final submission. Learners can even flag specific questions for review before submitting their quiz.
  2. Allow the learner to jump to any question- Enable this option to allow learners to skip and navigate between questions at their own pace.


Enable the required settings


Note: Ensure the presentation is "One question per page" and "Do not reveal answers during the quiz (Exam Mode)."


Once enabled, quiz takers can skip to any question using the ">>" arrow.


Jump to any question Preview


After submitting, quiz takers can take a final look at the answers. The questions marked for review will appear first. You can review other questions as well.


Note: A final prompt will appear if you try to submit the quiz post-review but without a revised answer.


Review answers before submission



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