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How do I set up mandatory and optional quiz questions?

ProProfs Quiz Maker allows you to ensure your learners always answer a question by making it mandatory. You can also keep questions optional if you want the learner to be able to skip past them. We recommend this feature if you enable negative marking for incorrect responses in the quiz.


Mandatory questions are questions that must be answered by students. It is different from tagging questions so that they always appear with sets of randomly selected questions.


Step 1: Go to quiz settings, Under the "Presentation" section of "General Settings" find “Optional Questions” and click on "Manage questions." 



Step 2: Check "Questions" to make all questions mandatory or make only certain questions mandatory by selectively checking the boxes. Leave a box unchecked to make the question optional. Click "Save" to apply changes.


Ensure learners get all the answers to your quiz correct:

Navigate to "Settings" -----> "General" -----> "Presentation," and select "one question per page" and "...Practice Mode" to ensure learners get all answers correct.