How to Set up Mandatory and Optional Quiz Questions


Want to make sure your quiz takers don’t skip any important questions? With ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can mark certain questions as mandatory. Quiz takers must answer these questions before moving on to the next part of the quiz. It’s a great way to ensure that everyone completes the quiz thoroughly!


NOTE: When creating a quiz, you have the option to designate specific questions or all questions as mandatory.


Here’s an example of how a mandatory question appears to a quiz taker:


mandatory question in a quiz


To Set up Quiz Questions as Mandatory/Optional


Step 1: Navigate to quiz settings in your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard.


quiz settings


Step 2: Navigate to Presentation under General settings. Click “Manage Questions.”


manage questions


Step 3: Click the checkbox to mark the selected questions mandatory and click Save. The other questions will remain optional for the quiz takers.


manage questions


That is all about setting up mandatory and optional questions in ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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