How to Shuffle or Randomize Quiz Questions & Answers


ProProfs Quiz Maker lets you shuffle questions, answers, or both in your quizzes to prevent cheating. Enabling shuffling settings makes it harder for quiz takers to copy answers from each other when conducting an exam in an exam center.


To Shuffle Questions and Answer Options


Step 1: Navigate to quiz settings in your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard.


quiz settings


Step 2: Under General settings, navigate to Order, and select Order of Questions from the dropdown menu. 


You can select either of the options listed below and click Save.


  • Shuffle question or

  • Shuffle answers or

  • Shuffle questions & answers


set order of questions


Your quiz will appear with randomized questions and answers each time a new participant takes the quiz. 


That is all about shuffling questions and answer options in ProProfs quizzes.



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