How to Use Tagging in Quizzes


Tagging feature allows you to club questions under the same tags. You can put custom tags on each of the questions in a quiz and sort the order of the questions by tags. This will show questions with the same tag together. 


Here's how you can do it:


Step1. Create a quiz and add questions as per your requirement. Once you are done, click on "Settings".



Step2. Scroll down to "Presentation" and select "One tag per page" from the drop down list of "Questions per page" option.  



Step3. A pop as shown below would appear. Click on "Manage Tags" .



Step4. Once you click on "Manage Tags", it would take you to another pop up (as shown below). Just name tags adjacent to each question.



You can assign multiple tags to a question. Simply, separate the tags with a comma ( , ) to do so. 

Step5. Now click on "Save". It will take you back to the settings page.


Step6. Scroll down to "Order" section and add the number of questions you wish to club. (see image blow)



Note* Generally, you would need the same number of rows as the number of tags. 


Step7. Select the number of questions and the tags you want along with them.




Step8. Once you're done, click on "Save" and then "Preview".


Here's how the tagged questions would appear to your learners:



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