How to Use Tagging in Quizzes


The tagging feature allows you to club questions under the same tags. You can put custom tags on each of the questions in a quiz and sort the order of the questions by tags. This will show questions with the same tag together.


Here's how the tagged questions would appear to the quiz takers:


tag feature used in a quiz


Benefits of using tagging in quizzes include:


  • Grouping questions: Tagging allows you to group questions under the same tags, making it easier to organize and manage your quiz content.

  • Customization: You can put custom tags on each question in a quiz, allowing you to tailor the quiz to your specific needs.

  • Sorting: You can sort the order of the questions by tags, showing questions with the same tag together, providing a more structured and organized quiz experience for your learners.


To Use Tags in a Quiz


Step 1: Go to quiz Settings in your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard when finished creating a quiz.


quiz settings


Step 2: Navigate to Presentation, set “Questions Per Page” as “One tag per page,” and click “Manage Tags”


question per page settings


Step 3: A popup will appear. Click “Manage Tags” to continue.


manage points and tags


Step 4: Assign the tags and click Save.


assign tags and click save


You can assign multiple tags to a question. Simply separate the tags with a comma ( , ) to do so. 


Step 5: Get back to General Settings


  • Set “Number of Questions” as “Select by tags.”

  • Select the number of questions you want to include in your quiz from specific tags and click Save.


select tags


You can also randomize the question order within a tag to prevent answer copying when conducting an online exam in an exam center.  


That is all about using tags in ProProfs Quiz.



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