How to Review User Responses on a Personality Quiz


ProProfs Quiz Maker enables you to analyze individuals' responses to quiz questions and review reports to enhance learning processes and improve knowledge retention of users.


Benefits of reviewing user responses:


1. Detailed analysis of every quiz-taker attempt

2. Easy understanding of the strong and weak points of every quiz taker


Here's what the report section will look like, where you can review responses to quiz questions:


A glimpse of quiz report to review responses to a personality quiz questions by a quiz taker


To review user responses to personality quiz questions:


Step 1: In your Quiz Maker account,


  • Navigate to the number under the 'Reports' column of the quiz you want to review responses.

  • Click on the number to view reports & stats.


Selecting a quiz to view its reports and stats


Step 2: Click on the eye icon under the reports column to view the responses of a particular user to quiz questions.


Accessing reports of a user to review responses


Here’s what a part of the reports section will look like, where you can analyze quiz-takers responses to the quiz questions.


Overview of scores of a quiz taker after completing a personality quiz


That is all about reviewing the responses of an individual user to quiz questions.



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