How to Add the "Try Again" Button to My Quiz


ProProfs Quiz Maker lets you display the “Try Again” feature to allow the learners to take the quiz again. This option can be enabled from the quiz reporting settings. when the learner has completed the quiz.


Here’s an example of how the “Try Again” button shows up when a quiz taker completes a quiz


try again button at quiz completion


The Try Again feature is quite helpful for quiz takers when:


  • They are unsatisfied with their score

  • They fail to achieve the passing score


To Add the 'Try Again' Button to Your Quiz


Step 1: In your ProProfs dashboard, go to quiz settings. 


quiz settings


Step 2:  Under General settings, navigate to “Quiz Report” and set “Customize report for quiz taker” as Yes.


enable quiz report


Step 3: Select “Yes” for the “Try Again” button. 


enable try again button


NOTE: The “Try Again” button is visible only when a quiz taker scores below a specific score.


Step 4: Click the dropdown menu and set the required score to display the ”Try Again” button.


set the required score to display the ”Try Again” button


Step 5: Save the applied changes.


That is all about displaying the “Try Again” button in ProProfs Quizzes.



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